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My embarrassing moment

September 3, 2009
By Anonymous

I said i was going to get some bobby pins. then i saw this really cute shirt and the y had it in my size! it fit! so i went to go find my mom bobby pins and shirt in hand. But i couldn’t find her. she wasn’t in the clothes section. she wasn’t by the food. she wasn’t anywhere. Where was she?
So I put back the shirt and bobby pins after going through the JcPenny three times and went into the parking lot to see if the car was still there. I was looking for the silver jeep that belonged to my mother. I couldn’t find that either. My mouth went dry and tasted like it was on fire. I didn’t know what to do.
I went back into the store and sat on the floor to cry. people stared at me and and asked if i was okay.I wasn’t. My mom had left me in a JcPenny in Salt Lake! someone asked me what was the matter and I said my mom had left me. Then i saw her she had only gone intoo the bathroom for a few minutes. She had been looking for me.Now everything was okay and my mom hadn’t left me. So we went home after buying everything including the shirt.I also got some ice cream when we went home!

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