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How to Send a Message

March 30, 2017
By davismkammerer GOLD, Newmarket, New Hampshire
davismkammerer GOLD, Newmarket, New Hampshire
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While I may not answer the question you want, I will answer the question you asked. We help people connect through comedy, performance art, and writing. While I know this isn’t the sort of answer you want, but the answer you want is for “how do we interview people” not “how do we help people connect" It was a unit discussing again, how to interview. Yes, we wound up posting the quotes that we picked out from a good interview to a blog, but that wasn’t what we were learning about. We figured out how to get someone to give longer answers in an interview format, or how to get them to know we’re listening in an interview format, etc. so ultimately, it was the “interview unit” rather than the “connection unit” So, back to the actual question. How do we get people to listen? I’ll be answering that three different ways. Make them laugh (what I fail at), make them think (what I do), and make them investigate (what I think about doing, but am too lazy to). How do we get people to listen about something they might not otherwise? Get them to laugh! If they're laughing, there processing, and listening to what you have to say. It may seem counter-intuitive, and considering this past year, there’s evidence against it. But there’s a lot more evidence for it than against it. Take bo Burnham, any of the news comedians, come to think of it, dunes berry or don’t hug me I'm scared. All things that want you to laugh at them to varying degrees and all have some form of message.

How do we make people listen to a message? Writing can do a lot of different things, and thus has different ways to do the same thing. It’s a bit hard to explain without an example. For this, we’ll use “sorry, theed.” Alright, I know I said I wouldn’t post any more trump articles, but it was an unkeepable promise, however, I had been posting a lot of those and started to feel sorry for you. Anyways, time for the meat. And yall are gonna hate me for this, and it doesn’t mean I'm pro-drumpf, it’s just something that came to me while I was extremely tired. Could drumpf be really good for America? Not in that he actually does good in his 4 to 8 years, (sorry for the nightmares) but that he would be good for how we look at things? And I know this is contrary to “a think piece of the ages” but it’s true in its own right. Both parties actually might start thinking “who cares that they’re kinda shady, they actually know what they’re doing” just another think piece. Now, I kind of ramble, but you can see what I was saying, and I may have convinced you despite the fact that I explicitly state that I hate the guy.You want people to get it? Make them think about it. Performance art usually takes some analyzation and analysis, and definitely, has some sort of meaning. I’ll be using unedited footage of a bear by alan Resnick, which was originally put on adult swim, for this example. Alright. So obviously, don’t do drugs, and there’s serious issues with medicine not prescribed by a doctor, as well as the people selling such drugs. It got you interested in that link, though, huh? There are three ways that I'd use to connect or reach people. And I'm probably going to get teen ink front page on length alone but don't tell them that. oh, wait. Ultimately You need to have someone’s attention before you can say anything important.

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just something I made for my English class and wanted to share, like palendrome, which is why it's a little choppy.

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on Apr. 3 2017 at 8:17 am
davismkammerer GOLD, Newmarket, New Hampshire
18 articles 0 photos 5 comments
take a note, class. theed didn't publish "sorry, theed" despite publishing this one. and that means it still follows community guidelines, it's just not going to be labeled.