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funn times...

August 28, 2009
By Anonymous

one time on a warm sunny, summers day me and my friend Marlee went to a water park. we got their at about twelve, the water was looked cold and refreshing, me and Marlee wanted to jump in as soon as we saw the water. the grass was bright green we set up our towles and went to the lazy river. the water was freezing it was ice cold you could feel your toes go numb it was so cold. so we got out of the lazy river and went to line up for the slide the line was so long that we dried off and warmed up again, it finally got to our turn. we went as a double. they slide was crazy you could taste the water rushing in and out of your mouth.

we thought to go n another slide so we did. we went on a huge purple slide their was no line at all it didnt look like anyone had been on it in a while as soon as we sat down the hot plastic burned our leggs. but once we got going it was better the slide was so steep we went flying every where, the taste of chlorine was bursting into my mouth it tasted lie when you go under water in a hot tub and take a huge mouth full of water excpet the water kept piling in.

After the purple slide we went to go lie in the sun for a while. the grass was moist and warm, it felt like some one had sparyed mist on the grass. we layed out in the sun for it seemed like forever. the end of the day came along so fast. before we knew it we were at home safe and sound...

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