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Sorry I'm Me

November 6, 2014
By LittleRedFox GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
LittleRedFox GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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"Help me mother, save me father. Keep me from fading away. Send me hope. Send me love. Remind me your not far away." The quote can mean whatever you want it to, but to me, it's about God, Our Father, and Mary, Our Mother.

"I'm sorry, sorry I'm not like you. Sorry I don't like pop music, sorry I'm not a girly-girl, sorry I tease my hair and brush it to the side. I'm sorry I can't be like you and belittle everyone and get everyone to tell me I'm beautiful. Sorry I don't date every guy I see, because I have standards. I'm sorry I'm not fake, and that I don't wear makeup. I'm sorry that because I'm not like you, you think I'm weird and gothic and a cutter. I'm not any of these things, and I'm sorry you can't see past that. Because I don't want to be cruel, and I have too big a heart to hurt people and I'm not willing to follow you like a puppy dog with his tail between his legs. I don't want to conform, because I was always taught being different was a good thing and that everyone is unique. But because I'm not like you, I'm evil. And you haven't given me the chance to show that I'm a loyal friend, I'm an outgoing person, I love hanging with friends on the weekend, and going to concerts, and talking about boys. But until you are willing to accept me, I'll keep ignoring your rude comments, listening to my music, drawing my "weird Japanese cr*p,"going to the library after school, and sitting quietly. Even though you'll continue to throw trash at me as I pass, graffiti my locker, tell guys I'm a sl*t, spread rumors that I'm a devil worshiper, and try to make my life h*ll. Well guess what hunny, IT DOESN'T BOTHER ME!! I could care less what YOU think of me, I'm not hear to please YOU! I REFUSE to conform to your standards, or make anyone conform to mine. So sorry, I'll never be your little dog. Forgive me for being different." I stared directly at the "boss" of the girls, Missy, sat back down and went back to my doodles. As she scowled at me like whatever.
I snapped into reality as the bell rang for next class. I sighed, "guess I was just daydreaming again." One day I'll tell Missy these things, one day I'll stand up for myself.

The author's comments:

This is a monolouge I wrote for my theater class, but it is based on the torment of being a teenager whose different.

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