April 14, 2014
By Music_Is_Life_23 SILVER, Ralston, Nebraska
Music_Is_Life_23 SILVER, Ralston, Nebraska
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Favorite Quote:
"Confidence allows us to succeed"

Being different is a good
thing. It let’s you be weird in
your own way.

Being different is
letting everyone know
your not a replica.

If someone is gay or transexual
you don’t treat them unfairly
you treat them how you would
want to be treated.

Everyone is different in
there own way
No one likes to be
the same as everyone else

Imagine if you were the
same as everyone else
It would get boring at some point

Being different lets people
express there inner self
if there happy with how they
look, let them be

No matter what you see
on the outside, It matters what
you see on the inside

If someone is
wearing all black doesn’t
mean there emo or goth

Just because someone is
wearing a mini skirt doesn’t
mean there putting thereselves
out there

If your one of these people
who judge, Think about this poem
and wonder how you make those
people feel.

The author's comments:
I mainly just wrote this for my sister, who i dearly love and accept.

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