It's a Winter Wonder Land

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Winter is right around the corner, snow falling, drinking hot chocolate, making snowman and all the other fun activities you can do during this time. Many people enjoy summer better but I personally love the cold snippy air and the hot coco, to warm your throat and heart that comes with it. I believe winter is better then summer. During the winter you don’t have to worry so much about appearance and you get yummy treats, everyone is happy because holidays line the season. Tis the season to be jolly. Although some may say it is flu season it does not have to be, if you stay clean and don’t share food and beverages. There may be downfalls to winter but they care corrected by the wonders of winter, there are many more enjoyable things then horrific.

After thinking it over, summer is more stressful. Women are constantly burdened with the reminders of being a size zero. Whenever you go to the beach or the pool a big red flashing sign is everywhere that you need to loose wait even if you look pretty good. But when you see waist the size of twigs you snap. Even if you aren’t going to a bathing suit involved event you still are walking strait into short shorts and tang tops that more then likely show off the size of your body. Stores do this to giving the size zeros a perfect opportunity to make others feel fat, its not there fault, you just may feel more comfortable in covering clothing. Perhaps a scarf and some mittens would work. That’s one reason why winter is better. It helps you feel more secure in your own skin and not self-conscious while looking at others.

Another reason why winter is fun is that you get to do things that are not of the usual. Like ice skating, throwing snowballs, snowboarding even skiing. These are all fun active activities that can help you loose the extra chunk for the summer. While you’re having fun feeling good and making yourself look good for the New Year right around the corner. Another thing winter has to offer that summer does not is holidays and the sound of Santa’s slay bells are the lighting of a candle for Hanukah.

During the winter everyone gets a gift, and family and friends surround us all. I love the winter tails told by our elders about Santa and the elves while snacking on snowflake cookies made especially for the holidays. Coughs and sneezes run away as the holiday spirits take control.

The friends and family make my day. The winter slay bells ring, gifts and treats are all around. Holidays are popping out of know where. Feeling comfy is always nice. Playing games and sports u can’t always do is great. And the lights everywhere dazzled with garland and snow make everything look magical. And the last day of the year wraps it all up with winter to still carry out a few more months of fun. Winter is the greatest season of the year.

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