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The Day our Family Got a Dog

February 26, 2008
By Anonymous

It all started when I woke up from a really goodnight sleep. When I was up, I got dressed, then I went to the kitchen and got the cereal that I was going to eat. I got out a bowl and poured the cereal in the bowl the I poured the milk in the bowl after that I started eating. Then when I was done my sister woke up and started eating. When my sister was done my sister and I went outside to play for a little bit to ride bike, swing, and to play basketball. After we played outside, my sister and I came inside to eat lunch. For lunch we had turkey sandwiches, carrots, and chips.

After or during lunch, my dad went to the store which me and my sister didn't know. When my dad left we asked my mom where he went but she didn't tell us where he was going. When my dad walked in the door he was holding something whining, small, and wiggling around in his arms. In his arms was a little puppy named Bo. Bo was black as his main color with brown on his paws and on his nose was brown. My sister and I were really surprised that we had a dog now. That day I was very happy that I got a dog, because I always wanted a dog.

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