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Why fight when it isn't you're place?

September 19, 2012
By crazycomplicated BRONZE, Midland, Other
crazycomplicated BRONZE, Midland, Other
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First things first I am 100% against drugs (non prescribed); I always have been and I don't think that is going to change anytime soon. I think that life may seem like crap but it could be a hell of a lot worse so why complain, why waste it right? Also the whole thing about drugs making you kool is well all opinion based but really drugs shouldn't be a deciding factor in friend choosing.

I do however know many many people are interested and if not using drugs; and surprisingly I'm ok with that. The decision to not do drugs was mine and for myself if someone wants to make a different choice I have no right to change it. I will express my opinion but I'm not going to shun or be at someone because I disagree with them. Heck if everyone did that we'd all hate each other.

I'm trying to tell people to make their own decision based on their feelings. People shouldn't be judged for choices they make if they use or don't. Only when it gets to a point where the person realizes they may have made a mistake; should someone else intervene. Or if it gets dangerous, but really other than that what is the point of losing friends?
Wouldn't you much rather be there for if/when they need someone? Have an opinion don't let others make it for you, and don't make others have your opinion.

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