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The Day I Found Out How It Felt.

February 15, 2012
By breanna123242 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
breanna123242 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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i walked into school. The smell of perfume filled my nose.the voices of many filled my head. But only one voice stood out. who could it be you wonder? why it was a boy. you may be wondering whats so special about this boy. hes not just any boy. hes the main thought running through my mind all day everyday. He is sweet, kind, funny and pretty cute. He had luscious brown hair that shined like silk but didn't look greasy. He had Brown eyes that sparkled like a freshly polished brown topaz gemstone. and full pink lips that kept calling my name. I never had the guts to go talk to him. It was second period as usual i walked into my class dreading the fact i had to sit by him. i thought to myself ''should i talk to him?''. The word hey could never really slip through my mouth. but as i cleared my throat and made i contact with him i said hi. he looked at me with a face of relief. like he wanted to talk to me. with a smile on my face and cheeks as red as roses i wrote down my number and handed it to him. he looked at me and smiled. Then the class felt like its been hours since i first got here. The bell finally rang. i got out of my seat, pushed in my chair and walked out. I never really talked to him much the rest of the day. Just had thoughts of him. i had hoped he felt the same way he felt for me. I went home that day with the feeling of accomplishment towards myself. I went straight to my room after school i got out my song book and started writing '' as i see you in the hall. my heart beats like a waterfall. just one look reveals it all. silence from the awful fall. i cant take my mind of you. i just know u feel the same to'' after i finished the song i slid my book under my bed where i hid it from the outsiders of my love life and went to bed. The next day i woke up to a good-morning text from HIM. this made my day. my heart filled with joy. i arrived to school once again with the same look i had on my face when i gave him my number. Today was gonna be a good day. i just know it. unfortunately the valentines dance was tonight. I wanted him to ask me but was he gonna? i sat next to him with a nervous smile on my face. he looked at me and said hi with a tone that sounded as if he had a choice of life or death. he looked under his notebook and pulled out a note. folded neat with pink paper. i opened it with excitement but not enough to show i was desperate. i read the not it read ''Dear Brianna i really like you. i have always had a big crush on you and now i think its time to admit how i feel. ever since the day i met you in 6th grade i felt a chemistry between us. Then you stopped talking to me and i felt lonely and i really missed your company. so i wanted to know if you would be my date to the valentines dance.'' i looked at I'm and smiled and said in a tone so sweet it would make anyone get the chills. i said '' yes yes i will. I've been waiting for you to admit your feelings. the truth is i have always felt the same way towards you to'' he smiled with his gorgeous teeth. it melted my heart. that day i didn't do much talking. just thinking. I went home with 2 hours to spare. So i plugged in my curling iron and began to curl my luscious golden brown hair. it was coming out nice. after i finished that i re-did my makeup along with putting a fresh layer of pink shimmering lip gloss that matched my dress. my dress was a light pink short but good length dress with silk as the bottom layer and a top layer of lace and a bow under my chest area. the shoes matched to. so pink and glossy. I quickly ran out the door making sure everything was perfect. I walked through the gym doors of which i thought of as the doors to my moment for life. i saw him standing in the middle of the dance floor. i slowly approached him. He said to me ''you look beautiful bri'' and kissed me on the cheek. i smiled. a slow song came on. with my arms around his shoulders and his hands around my waist we danced. he was looking in my eyes. i was looking into his. with no intention of paying attention to the outside world of my heart. he leaned in. i leaned in to. and he kissed me on the lips with the gentlest touch a guy can do. He moved away. the whole thought of finding true love and having your first kiss with your crush never occured to me. i always dreamed of being a princess or being a singer. NEVER this. but theres a first for everything. This night was very special to me. the feeling is not like anything ordinary. it was like an on going tingle in your heart. but fromt his day forward i will always remember my first dance following my first kiss that was one in a million.

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