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Everybody's Fool

October 20, 2011
By BrilliantInnocence SILVER, Edina, Minnesota
BrilliantInnocence SILVER, Edina, Minnesota
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" I'm not perfect, I'm perfectly flawed," Amy Lee
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Everybody’s fool. That is who I am. That girl that gets bumped in the hallways, the one who the jock purposely tortures me just to impress that girl with the D-cup boobs, and the jeans that tightly hug her butt. I try to ignore them, and continue to walk to my next class. “Ass!” I hear them hiss from behind. I whirl around with the meanest and toughest glare I have, but they start laughing. They’re bodies shaking in laughter. A few girls next to them break into giggles. Never before had I been harassed before until now. What changed? For the first time I feel confident, that no one’s opinion of me matters. I was untouchable, until now. I continue to walk down the cramped hallways, getting shoulder bumped every two seconds, “Ass!” I hear them snicker from behind me, I ignore them and pick up my pace hugging my books tightly against my chest. One of the boys, the tall one, and the one that I had been secretly crushing on since the sixth grade comes up from behind and knocks my books out of my hand. They scatter across the floor, kids tripping over them, in hurry to get away from my tormentors. I bend down to pick them up. My crush stands above me, I look up at him, “What was that for?” I snap. My heart is racing, blood rushing to my face. I didn’t realize he would do that of all people. He looks at me, his eyes solemn. That’s why I liked him, he was nice deep down. He breaks into a fake laugh and hurries over to his friends, not even looking back. My friend rushes over, her blonde hair falling into her face as she rushes over to help me pick up my books. “Dicks.” She says under her breath. “Don’t let them get to you; you are worth more than they will ever be! You will go places beyond places they will ever be able to reach. They don’t know the real caring person you are.” She assures me. I smile, but my head still pounding from that last episode, but we both know plenty more will come later in the day, the week, the year. “You have us; remember that they will never be able to hurt you with us around.” She flashes a bright smile. I’m a fool to people, who don’t know me, but I’m a strong person and no one will be able to tear me down easily!

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