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Algebra Class

May 14, 2011
By oswinnnn GOLD, Byron Center, Michigan
oswinnnn GOLD, Byron Center, Michigan
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“A girl, very beautiful with fish swimming freckles and light brown hair, sits next to me during my last agonizing hour of the school day. Are appearances are quite similar. I can recall that the 4th year of grade school that we had become twins; appearance and personality. But that friendship had been elongated and forgotten as most are. We talk. A lot. And it’s surprising to me how much we have in common, despite the fact we fail to further that connection. I wish we would. Maybe we will. That rests in the hands of the infamous hypnotist of time.

Furthermore, she said something to me today about where she yearned to go instead of thriving among the inhumanities of earth. She said to me, ‘Little Girl, don’t you just wish to go off and into the sea; away from the imperfections and uglies of human nature?’ She continued to express these desires that consumed her mind when times became of there worst; this malicious beast we can refer to as depression. How she would adore the feelings to float among the rolling waves, letting them crash down on her face. She wished to submerge under the water; letting the almighty ocean digest her. But she did not want to die. She simply wanted to escape the chaos. I smiled, and answered with an honest coated No. I did want to escape and I did not lie.

I sat with my arms crossed watching our long limbed, scarlet faced math teacher scribble algebra equations on a blank white canvas. His voice seemed to slither through one ear, briefly visit my brain for a decent understanding, than exit out the other. I was drawing. I had no intentions of paying attention to a lesson in which we learned 6 months prior. These were the days in which I was happy and actually made an articulate attempt at my high school education. These were the days I spent with you.

But when I sat there with my arms crossed and lifted my body to the sheet of paper before me I realize I did want to escape the barbaric tendencies of human nature. I simply envisioned it in a separate, preferable, way. I slightly tilted the left side of my head in a illusion to diffuse the teacher into thinking I was listening to the lesson now being presented to me for the 4th time. I smiled at the girl beside me and said, ‘I do want to be free of this, just maybe a little differently.’ ‘In what way?’ she asked. ’I want to own this complete envelope of slumber. I do not want to die, no, I no way do I wish to die, however I want to be of bliss again, and in that I wish to sleep.’ The corners of her tender lips rise, ‘If I did not want to fall into the sea, I would sleep.’ Both of our giggles are strained from this need to be silent. The long limbed man at the front of the room’s eyes shifted briefly toward us, giving a half hearted smile. He knows he lack the effort to listen to him, so he has given up.

My words are whispers again, ‘I desire to sleep, although not greet death. I merely own the wish to sleep and never wake up. For it is my dreams in which I am truly happy, in which on earth I can be tainted with the impurities I do not want to deal.’ Its in my dreams in which you have returned to me and welcoming me into the warmth of your arms.

I can see by the way she shifts her body, lifting her back and placing her hands underneath her knees that she agrees. ‘Exactly!’ She breathes. I smile at my correct prediction.

We evolve and expand this topic of escape for the remaining 15 minutes we are given to work, even though neither of us attempted to start the assignment. It will be about the 4th time I’ve completed this exact assignment and will pass, once again, with flying colors. We being to discuss our classmates and examine the gossip, nature, and tendencies they present. Its a humorous form of entertainment; who knew school could be show.

And tomorrow we will meet again to share our opinions on our hideous society and discuss are plans to escape,”
I smiled.

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