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Be Patient

September 6, 2009
By Anonymous

Are you sure you want to study in this school? I ask myself, the environment around this school is a forest and it is a boarding school. Nevertheless, when I surveyed around the school, I though that this school might have something interested and it might not bad because it had a lot of sport activities, I breathe deeply and smelt of trees so I though I would not getting bore. But I was wrong!

A week was passing; I started crying like a baby because I knew that this was not a place that I imagined. I got a extremely of homesick like a street kids look as her mother, about one month I had called my parent everyday, I told them that I was made a really bad decision of my life. However, I still had to stay in this school for 1 year so I tried to accept and adapt myself to the society even it was difficult.
The time was passing; I had tried to get in the group by hang out to have some sport activities together. At that time we went to the gym, I look around, and then I walked out from the gym and waited for them with a boring face. After that we went to have a dinner together at the canteen but I came to the canteen first because there were still playing but they were get mad at me “Why don’t you waiting for us” one of my friends said. I was sigh and thinking “Is that all of the reason that you getting mad at me?” They are unreasonable that why I felt uncomfortable with them, but I didn’t have that much choice because the society in this school is very narrow. I had to be patient that I couldn’t let go like I was holding a very hot bowl but I cannot drop it. That made me decided “Next year, I will quit”
The last day of school year is coming soon; the day that I was waiting for a long time. I was counting for the day like the kids was very hungry and couldn’t wait for the chocolate cake. I felt very happy that I wouldn’t be patient of these people and place. My mother and I help each other found a new school for me. My mother told me “I was very sympathize of you that you have to had a very patient of this place, but now I feel that I am doing the right thing which is move you to another school and I hope it’s will be a better place.” she said

In conclusion, I had learned that the place or environment can affect the feeling and it was very powerful. It might affect to your learning because it made you feel boring and don’t want to study. Therefore, when you choose the place for the education, you must choose it carefully .As a result, you might not have to stay in the place that you are uncomfortable with.

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