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Change is good...maybe?

June 18, 2010
By lilcountrygirlFL GOLD, Mulberry, Florida
lilcountrygirlFL GOLD, Mulberry, Florida
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Hey yall, lately I've just been getting this feeling. Being all sentimental about leaving middle school. I don't want leave. I haven't gotten enough time, I thing one semester here at our crazy ghetto crazy amazing school would make up for the semster I lost in the divorce. We say our school is the most terrible place and we can't wait to go, but when we leave finally all we want is to be back in the freezing and bug infested cafeteria with people we have known for so long... and I kinda love it there.

Leaving and then coming back is a funny thing. It's amazing how over half a year people change. I guess they always did, we just were changing with them at the same pace and so it all seemed the same. It's a good thing though. We've all grown up and we look and talk and act different. I hadn't realized that I had changed too until I came back home, but it's a good thing. I think God made this happen to me to help me in the future. So when I am at Harrison and away from what seems like everything I've known... I won't be as stubborn and accept where I am and who I'm with and who's not with me. It's a good thing.

I love good ole' ghetto middle and I don't want leave. But I can leave when I have to now. Our time there as ended, we won't be in the same rooms every again(haha 7th and 6th graders banished to the portables and construction site). It's a good thing...I guess... being given a little push so that when we go back it won't be our school or our memories that live there anymore. It'll be all the younger kids that will be going to the new school, the nice two story fantasy world the school board has; no long our worn down grimy campus holding so many memories from so many years. I know our and peoples before us memories's won't die, but be released again when the lead paint walls come crashing down. So I've been learning a lot, learning to let go of the past, but cherish the memories, and to look foward to the future, searching for the memories ready to be made. And that maybe, sometimes... change... it's a good thing.

The author's comments:
This is a little letter I wrote to myself and my friends. I've learned a lot lately, and I guess, maybe, change can be good...

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