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The Angel & The Knight

March 31, 2010
By SageSin GOLD, Oaklawn, Illinois
SageSin GOLD, Oaklawn, Illinois
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"Accept everything about yourself. I mean everything. You are you, and that is the beginning and the end; No apologies, no regrets."

My three months with him seemed to be just what the doctor ordered that nothing else could be superior then this...nothing. But then I met Matthew. He was no where near ideal he was comical tainted but, one of those inhabitants who can never permit those discomfited stillness’ and people worshiped him for it nevertheless it was true he had a appalling temper but that didn't seem to materialize when I was hanging out with him. Professor D. Buckles was who I was with when I met Matthew a juvenile nickname I know but after all his authentic name was David ,and though he was a excellent looking guy however he only wanted one thing of which I refused to give. "Matthew requested me over Saturday" I told my mom I was so excited eyes bright and a smile immovable upon my face. When my step dad picked me up to head over there all I could think about was "I'm almost there...but why is this so...right". I tried to suppress the irritable notion that kept peaking in my intellect with blazing lights and alarms but it would not disappear. My step dad hauled up the gravel driveway and he was standing there smiling and my heart beat discontinued...a rose in fixed between his thumb and index finger a blazer over an old band tee and some faded blue jeans. "What was he doing...?” I thought before I stepped out of the car my step dad's insomnious smirk on his lips as I blushed I walked up to him. I was obviously not decent for the occasion in sneakers torn jeans and an old plaid shirt that use to belong to my elder brother of course I didn't know that at that instant Matthew was going to ask me to make the most significant pronouncement of my life. He looked into my eyes and I was spellbound beneath his russet gaze his mouth quirked in the hint of a smile "Anna will you please have me?” My eyes widened and my blush intensified “I...I We'll see" and smiled at him he nodded understandingly and took my hand sliding the bloom in it grined give the rose back when you are ready". Matthew then turned into the boy I knew as he chuckling and said “well are you coming in?" I could only giggle and trail after him into the door of his giant house that seems to tower over me. That day we played rock band, pool, and even sat and observed television but at the very end of the night before my step dad came to pick me back up I confirmed the clock "8:59 He'll be here any minute" Matthew looked at me laughed "Hmm will he? You know it seems I can't get heated around you" I blinked It seemed he had changed again to the boy I didn’t know. I looked to him "Well A lot of people say I am tough to get mad at". He smirked "No its not that. I really like you Anna" His face was somewhat with holding before it fell "but your held just above my reach by a guy who should be fed to the wolves that growl under this savage place " my face was a mix of shock and happiness "I...don't know what to say" My step dad honked his horn as I peered into his face it seemed he was hiding, pulling his feelings back "That…. is what the rose is for when your ready...give it back"

The Following Monday I was still staring in awe of the flower that had started to crust from age "What am I going to do..."
I flipped my phone open to the text message from P.D. Buckles “Can I have more of the pictures?” I sighed and responded “No I’m done with those freaky pictures that all you want them for is to use my body to help yourself! You disgust me >:O“ SEND and threw my phone into the locker banging it off the walls inside. “ What’s wrong Angel?” I turned seeing Matt I smiled “What are you doing at school so late?” I asked a small grin forming on my scowling face “I have swimming silly” Matthew and a few others began the nickname angel because of my willingness to help every single underdog I came athwart. I loved the name ,and told no one I did I always thought it would make me come across conceited. “Just fed up with Buckles” Matthew laughed “aren’t you all the time” and I grimaced He simply took me into his arms. The warmest embrace I know today. “Why stay with the human who wants to keep the angel from flying? For I the knight never shall clip the wings of Anna” I smiled against his chest “Do you constantly say the right thing?” he chuckled and said “I am good at it” I giggled and pushed him away “ Go swim like a normal boy” and with a bright grin then said “Thanks “ He nodded his head “ anytime Angel” He then tucked his hands in his pockets whirled around and caught up with the swim team. I bit my lip thoughts swirling why couldn’t Buckles just be more like…”
SO WHAT IF YOU COULD SEE THE DARKER SIDE ME NO ONE CAN CHANGE THE ANIMAL I HAVE ” Gosh Dang It!” screwing up my thoughts I rum edged in my messy Lockerfor the phone that has chipped paint from banging off the sides of the locker. “
Cheer up Angel Anna!
We wouldn’t want a fallen angel now would we?
~Matthew Xx
I shook my head “He’s insane…but I” I closed the locker nothing left inside except a rose petal It was time to figure this out. Over spring break I pondered though processed synchronized and what ever else you could possibly think of for a word to comprehend what the Heck went on in your mind. The Monday back I found Matthew by his locker his eyes red from lack of sleep, hair in disarray from rolling in the night “What is wrong?” I clutched the rose bud in my sweatshirt pocket. “I’m Moving” My hopes plummeted to the ground and tears threatened my eyeballs with a sting “What…what do you mean?” I asked in the most lucid voice available from my vocal cords at the time. He looked down “I’m sorry Angel Anna I’m leaving tonight. I lost a lot of sleep over us…and whatever you choose. Please don’t tell me It wouldn’t matter because it will never happen” He smashed the locker door shut ripping the hinges off mad at something I could not grasp. Then raced down the hall and I haven’t seen him since. The sparkling eyes I fell in love with were gone, dispersed and all that was left was withering forgotten flower petals…

So this is the point of my letter Matthew to you the knight of my dreams…I still adore you no matter who you are because you are my shinning star my last breath and forever will be The rose so tattered with barely a petal left is enclosed with my letter is the one which still carries hope within me you told me to return it to you when I was ready well the day you had to depart was the day I was sure what my heart…was to want. You and so this correspondence passing over the millions of city’s from Chicago to L.A. to reach you is a simply a section of article; true but it is also my beacon of light, my answer to you so though you told me not to here it is…YES I WANT YOU and I’m coming to see you I hope that this frightens you and if you have found someone new like my thoughts lead me to believe I’m sorry to make this awkward but I’ll then be your best friend. With that being said the Angel Anna is coming to meet her knight. see you
soon…or Goodbye to a fantasy that should have stayed in the dusty halls of highschool.
Angel Anna

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