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Learning to Unbelieve

March 23, 2010
By Silevryn BRONZE, Osceola, Missouri
Silevryn BRONZE, Osceola, Missouri
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Growing up is a sad ordeal. Not only do you grow older, but you also loose the innocence and simple imagination we possessed in our youth. I think the saddest part of my childhood was realizing I couldn't fly anymore. I'm not by any means saying I was superman as a child, but I distinctly remember on several occasions jumping and not falling back down. But then one day someone came along and told me it was impossible to fly. That no person could fly, and that they never could. And they being an adult and I being a child, I believed them. It was shortly thereafter that I realized I couldn't fly anymore. The realization of this led me to begin to question other magical aspects of my youth, and ended up making me a sullen, depressing youth. But luckily as I aged into a sullen depressing teenager, the lessons instilled upon me by the world began to fade and I saw the magic of my youth again. But to this day I have never been able to fly again.

I think a degree of this has happened to everyone. You believed something, and to you it was true. To you it was reality. To you it was a real and tangible thing. But to others, it wasn’t. There is an old saying “Suffering wants company”, and that’s very true. Those that try to destroy your dreams with reason and so-called science only do so because someone did the same to them as a child. To them there is no magic, not anymore. So why should you be able to be happy, to live in your dreams, when they cant? And in this manner the young are stripped of their innocence by those who inflict the cruel borders of reason and logic upon them. People dream. People see more than there is. Its what we do, and were very good at it. But people also judge, people also mock. They see the dreamers as stupid, and label them such. But there’s another old saying; “If you believe in something strongly enough, who's to say if it's real or not?”

I think we should all take that one to heart.

The author's comments:
This has happened to us all in one form or another. But the magic came back to me, and it can to you too.

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