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Standing Strong

January 8, 2010
By Dell18 BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
Dell18 BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
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Up and down, life was just one huge roller coaster. Something good was always bound to go bad. Struggling with her mom things got hard. Her mom didn't want her around and her father couldn't help keep her. Living with he best friend on and off again, didn't want to be a burden. A key to her friends apartment was given which there she stayed all alone. Her father slowly breaking but her mom more then happy. One on going battle, she would go to her house when her mom wasn't there but as soon as she returned she had to go. her father did all he could, tried to force them together, had them in therapy, but nothing helped just slowly made everything worse. Tired of being alone she went back, back to her house which was no longer her home. Things got out of hand. Her father had enough and left. With her mother all alone she faked welcome her daughter back home, was fake happy to have her back, she just didn't want to be alone. Her mother slowly became happy, maybe for real this time. Thats all she wanted was her mom to be happy, even though her mom would never accept her as her own. Each day it grew harder for her but one thing always helped. Before her father left he gave her a necklace, with a beautiful symbol on it which meant father daughter forever. Each morning she wake up grasp the necklace and pray he come back, but he didn't who knows if her will. Never taking that necklace off, it keeps her safe, keeps her here, keeps her standing strong.

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