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My Favorite Place

November 23, 2009
By Kayla Allred GOLD, West Jordan, Utah
Kayla Allred GOLD, West Jordan, Utah
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My favorite place would have to be the band room at Copper Hills. I'm always in there practicing my music trying to get better, hanging out with everyone in the band or anyone who happens to be in there, or simply having a great time with my friends. There is never a quete moment in that room, weather it's the sound of random intruments, each playing their own rythem sounding like a stampede or the beautiful sound of music made by the many talented students who have just mastered a song.

Whenever I walk into that room I feel complete like I have found a part of me that was missing. I feel safe, like it is my safe hold where I can go to escape themany pressures of the world. My parents tell me I practically live in the band room and there is some truth to that. If I'm not home you will almost always be able to find me in there digging through my locker, which smells of stinky feet, looking for some small thing lost in the depths of my music. There are often days when I am at the school for up to 14 hours, most of wich are spent in the band room. On some days I am one of the first to go in to the band room and the last to leave it, long after school is over. my time spent there is used to improve my musical abilites so that I can some time accomplish my goals.

The band is like my second family. We all care about each other and often pull pranks on one another. I recall one time when i stayed lat with the band directors son and unlocked all the locks on the lockers and turned them around backwards. After that was completed we left a message for all the students in the folder cubbies along one of the walls. That is a great memory and it is one of the many that I will be able to look back on and smile. There are many more great memories that i will discover in the years that come.

The author's comments:
This was a piece I wrote for my english class last year. It includes all the sences I notice whenever I go into the band room.

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