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Complicated Friendship

September 26, 2009
By CandieApple PLATINUM, Hartford, Wisconsin
CandieApple PLATINUM, Hartford, Wisconsin
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The cute little kindergartener of my past is now a 6th grader in Central Middle School. The 6th grader has been through many complicated friendships and now hopes everything will go smoothly. Now, the kindergartener is just starting...

One of my very first friends was called Hannah. We met in kindergarten and were pretty good friends. She had another friend named Emily that would try and "steal" her away. I felt bad when hannah would say, "I'm going to go play with her this recess." ,but delt with it and just sat on the bench.
Yes, hannah was my only friend at the time, but I found other kids to play with also. The first year of our friendship was shaky but we somehow made it through to First Grade.
Hannah stopped being friends with Emily and continued being friends with me. I can't quite remember most of the year, but we became pretty good friends.
We moved to another school in our town in 2nd grade. We were really good friends at the time and played with some other girls. We had normal boys chase us around. It was a good year with it's ups and downs. The year we met Kayla.
Kayla was a little bossy at times but a pretty good friend. At the end of the year we parted our ways with out even speaking to eachother. It just sort of..., happened.
In 3rd grade me and Hannah still remained friends and happily played together. We made even more friends. We stuck together like glue. Except..., Kayla seemed to not be stuck to us.
In 4th grade, most of our friends parted from us and me and hannah were stuck alone. Kayla, though, seemed to have found her way back into our small "group". She was always acting bossy and pushy and me and Hannah didn't like it one little bit.
Hannah and me broke it to her and Kayla went and pouted somewhere else. Later in the week, she must have sent some girls over to ask, "Why are you not being friends with her?! You should give her a 2nd chance! Don't be mean!" And of course I was really young so me and hannah started bawling and everyone got all compassionate. They started saying, "Sorry! I'm so sorry!" they left after that and I started to hate Kayla even more.
In 5th grade Kayla, again, somehow found her way into our "group". Hannah didn't like it at all and kept asking me when we were to stop being friends with Kayla. Everytime she would ask I would just shrug and say, "I don't know." I was beginning to like Kayla more and more as she told herself to me. We had a lot in common and no one was going to change that.
Hannah finally told Kayla she didn't want to be friends. Kayla took it badly and felt down on herself. It was my job to comfort her.
Later on in the year, summer came around and the birds were singing as if everything was alright, but it wasn't. I went to summerschool getting ready for Middle School. Hannah thought I was ignoring her and I kept trying to tell her I wasn't.
Hannah finally got me to stop being friends with Kayla. Kayla took it worse than she did with Hannah. I ignored all of her emails and desperate pleads.
At the beginning of 6th grade, I found myself starting to talk to Kayla automatically. Hannah kept saying, "It's like you're ignoring me!" I just tell her that I try and talk to both of them.
In a chat she said if this kept happening we couldn't be friends anymore. In a chat! She broke the news to me in a chat! She said she was always sad, and I was thinking about the bad position Hannah and Kayla were putting me in. Me and Hannah broke apart and now she's acting rude. She sent me a picture of a devil and called it Chelsea.
I'm glad now I'm not her friend realizing how bratty she could be towards me. Some of you may think that the 6th grader of today made wrong descicions and I say I did make some bad choices, but what's done is done.

The author's comments:
I just decided to tell all of you out there how I feel! I couldn't describe it all because it would take way too long!

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