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February 20, 2009
By Anonymous

though the years of my lifeive sat here in this very spotthinking about some kind of dreamof mine that could ever follow mesomething that i live forsometimes it gives me a feeling of none knowing on who i amand why im here todaywhat keeps my heart beatingmy air coming into my lungswhat on earth does this so called free world want with a girl like methen when you give me that blank paper and a pen sit me down and have me write words just start to some how go on the papar like magici can write with out a thought at the most,then i find why i am here to stay at lest for now,thats what scares me not knowing when my bodie will soon be gone to follow the many before me,every now and then i wish i wasnt here today,but i know im not alone
so for now as my blood gothough me,as my heart beats,as my air keeps going,ill live life to the fullest.and never give up my dreams when i find one i believe in.i hope someday when im gone that my writing will help those who need it,just like they do today.

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