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My Life is Like a Rain Shower

March 2, 2009
By Anonymous

My life is a rain shower. Life is confusing, surprising, and refreshing. Dreadful things are inevitable, and terrific events are always occurring. Raindrops can fall heavily or gently, depending on what type of day it is. Sometimes storms take place, and other moments it's just a light shower, falling down from above.

Rain is sometimes unwanted; however it may be a necessity when it comes to the life of flowers and trees. I find that I have to do things no matter if I want to or not. Those things might be of importance later in time. They may just be useful at one moment, and other times they may be beneficial throughout my entire life.

Occasionally rain showers develop into thunderstorms, and cause a great deal of commotion. My life is as chaotic as a thunderstorm at times. When plans don't happen the way they should or if something terrible were to happen, my life would be in disarray. When I changed schools last year, it seemed like there was a never-ending thunderstorm pouring down. My life was as chaotic as a storm, with rain falling heavily and tumultuous winds knocking me in every direction. Even a stormy day clears up eventually, and like sunlight on a cloudy day, my life became brighter.

Every so often it will be pouring with rain, which looks like it will never cease. Then the sun starts to shine and you see the light, blending with the rain, to create a rainbow. This happens in life as well. It could be a horrible day and then something terribly amazing happens that causes the day to be brighter.

My life resembles a rain shower. It's as essential as a substantial rainfall, after a drought, as disorderly as a thunderstorm, and as beautiful as a newly formed rainbow. Although my life may not be as frigid and wet as rain, it is as unpredictable.

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