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What Happened?

July 16, 2012
By StartingOver BRONZE, ----------------, Maryland
StartingOver BRONZE, ----------------, Maryland
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It seems to me that I am always realizing something new, but another realization has crossed my mind. Tonight, while I am sitting here jamming to old childhood songs, I wonder where my childhood has gone. I have faint memories from my multiple previous schools, gymnastics, vacations to Mexico , Disney World, constantly fighting with my best friend , my Lizzi Mcguire shoes, the Caribbean , and so much more.

When I was still receiving an education at my old school, I never realized that I wouldn't be there all the way through graduation. I would try to psyche myself up for years at this school. Although, for some unknown reason, I never saw myself walking down that bridge, in a white dress, holding a friends hand as I watched endless amounts of seniors do.

I just had a feeling.

I remember being a tomboy , not having to worry about what to wear everyday since I could always count on my jumper of a uniform.

And all too soon , I'm now at a school that seems to be in a whole other world. Sure, I've adjusted, even grown fond of that hell hole. But reminiscing on how happy I was at my previous school, it's come to my attention that I haven't felt that happy since then. Since I knew I had my second home to wander off to everyday.

I remember barely ever looking in the mirror, now I wouldn't be able to live without one. I remember being overly excited for the new Camp Rock movie, now I eagerly count down the days until a new horror movie. I remember being home most of the time, now it's hard to remember when I am. Usually beckoning to an argument with my family. I remember barely ever knowing what a male was, now some of my best friends consist of guys. Relationships use to never cross my mind, and now I've already dipped my toe into the relationship world. I remember obsessing over my grades , and now .... well, I guess that hasn't really changed. I remember being 7 , now I'm doubled that. And while that feels so young, I wish I remembered what it felt like to feel even younger.

I'm scared my childhood is almost completely over, because in a way it is. I wouldn't have gone anywhere if I hadn't grown up.

Everything passed in what seemed like a blink of an eye.

No matter how many times a kid is told to enjoy their childhood, they will not consider your advice until it's much too late.

What happened? What happened to those carefree years? They aren't coming back, are they? I didn't think so.

I knew I would have to grow up someday , I just didn't think it would come so soon.

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