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Gorilla Gone Wild

December 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Our annually year trip to the Jacksonville Zoo was always a fun trip. See a couple of animals then go shopping afterwards. However, during my 8th things changed and I can’t really explain why it happened. But it all started with me, Jessica P. and Jessica G wanting to see all the animals before we leave for the first time.
We went to monkey area of the zoo; we were almost done seeing the whole zoo for the first time. We were fascinated by two of the monkeys doing the do… you know it. That was weird but that didn’t stop us from looking at it and feeding the baby monkey so he can flip for us. While looking on, I’ve seen the most amazing thing ever. A Silver-back Gorilla; just like the one off of “Tarzan” (the cartoon not the real movie). So I said “let’s go and see that gorilla over there.” As we passed through the lemurs, orange monkeys, and some ring-tailed monkeys; they started shrieking at the top of their little lungs. As if they were warning us not to go or warning the gorilla that we were coming. Either way, we were not prepared for what happened next. So we continued to walk, and we walked and walked some more. Jessica G. said “It’s taking a long time to get there.” We finally made and the gorilla was not even there. So, we turned around to where we came from to find the gorilla. Once there, we discovered that the gorilla was now in front of the glass, so we ran back to see it. As we ran Jessica P. fell, Jessica G almost ran into somebody and I got hit with something from the sky. Those were signs, but who was paying attention, we wanted to see that gorilla. When we got there, we finally saw the gorilla. Big and strong, with mean look in his eyes. We got close up on the glass, so we could see the female gorilla with the baby gorilla (which was cute by the way) better. That’s when it happened. He ran toward the glass and beat his shoulder against it. Fear pumping adrenaline through our bodies to our feet, all except mines. I was in total shock, I couldn’t move. I felt hands grabbing me, pulling me away from the glassed room. Once out of danger, we found Malcolm walking toward the gorilla area. Jessica P. ran and told him everything that just happened. He wanted to see for himself and, like idiots; we followed him back to the evil gorilla. He walked slowly up to the glass to see the gorilla. The gorilla was no fool; he began to beat on the glass, scaring us away from his home, away from his family. We ran away, laughing now because it was fun making the gorilla go mad. We went to get on the bus and told everyone the story of a Gorilla Gone Wild!

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JD2014 said...
on Jun. 24 2014 at 12:21 pm
at what year did this happen? my boyfriend told me he was there when this happened, and he stayed in the room watchin the attack while laughing