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Put Your Dancing Shoes On

November 9, 2010
By dancergirl3 BRONZE, Brighton, Michigan
dancergirl3 BRONZE, Brighton, Michigan
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If you enjoy dancing, show it. If you like danicing, belive it. If you love dancing, live it.

Today is the day that may change everything, but I new that it would either be 100% perfect or a 50% okay audition. I just couldn’t settle for okay it had to be perfect. The time was now to give it my all. I slipped on my jazz shoes, pinned my number on then ran into class just in time to hear, “Sarah?” “Here” I yelled, as I took my place in the line of dancers. My teacher Amanda, put down her list and started toward the front of the class. As she rushed through the classes we had throughout the day all I could bare to catch were that we were going to have, jazz and we were going to be doing some across the floor. Sounds good was everyone’s “reply,” I guess they had caught the whole routine as I just followed along with the rest of the class. We lined up in the three lines for across the floor five people in each line. We started of with some kicks, then moved on to some leaps and lastly we did turns in the center. I believed that I gave it my all even though all we had did were some simple tricks. I pushed my self very hard to get my kicks high and leaps even higher. My turns, I had to concentrate and keep my spot off the floor so I could get around as many times as I did.

After we went across the floor it was time for jazz, everyone came into the locker room to get a quick drink of water. I walked to class with my friend Bre then quickly sat down in the circle that everyone seemed to be forming. Bre sat down next to me as we got ready to hear what the teacher had to say. This time I caught her words. She said that in jazz we would learn a new routine that had many skills in it and cheorgraphy. So let’s get too it she said. We all stood up and formed a formation of three lines. I stood in the center, second row nervous about how I would do. I remembered to stay confident and that everything should be full out. We learned the routine and then did it in groups my group was up second as we waited on the side lines watching them and cheering them on when they had finished. Good job I said to my friend Maria as she exited off the dance floor. Good luck she whispered to me as she gave me a thumbs up. I remembered to stay confident and to do everything full out with facials and everything would be great. As the music started I did the moves I leaped across the floor as I heard the group of dancers land to the ground. They sounded as if they were elephants. I started to sweat as I pushed my self to do this 100% perfect! I did a kick then started my prep for the turn. I couldn’t believe it I did a quad! When the dance ended I exited of the stage I new that my dances can’t always be 100% perfect but that’s why we go to practice. As the other group cheered my teacher told us it was time for us to leave and that we would find out very soon what team we were one.

I went back to the locker room and slipped off my jazz shoes and put on my sandals. I hugged my friends and said goodbye to everyone and walked out the door proud of my dancing. I walked to my Mom’s car and got in. “How was dance?” She said. “GREAT! But,” “But, what?” She said. “But I’m exhausted!” I said! We both laughed and then my mom turned on the car and we were on our way home.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece about my dance experince and about my love for the sport.

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