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January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Is college dating great according to what some people say? Ms. Jorgenson said, “College dating sucks.” Jorgenson believed that the nominal name “college dating” is a joke.

Do you think Jorgenson would go to bar or online to meet someone? No. Jorgenson said, “I would not go date someone that I met at a bar or online. It sucks.” Today, going to bar or online is a prestigious way to meet someone. Jorgenson is not that type of a person.

Where would Jorgenson meet some? At work, Mr. Desotell, or Mr. Balasteri? This is not Jorgenson’s style. One of Jorgenson’s friends, Crystal had a boyfriend and set her up with a person named Ty. Was this a fortuitous happening to Jorgenson’s life. No. According to Jorgenson, “The date was just causal. It was nothing serious.”

Is Ty the person for Jorgenson or is there someone else? Jorgenson said, “I went on a double date with Ty and a new person named Barry.”

Jorgenson, her friend, and the two guys went to someone’s house to hang out. Jorgenson wanted to dance to Sharika with Ty. Ty did not want to dance. There were a bitter argument diatribe between Ty and Jorgenson. Barry told Jorgenson that he will dance with her. Barry should receive a placard for his generosity towards Jorgenson. Later during the day, everyone went to the bar. Nobody had any inhibitions towards drinking. They just wanted to have a fun time. Jorgenson wanted to throw darts and asked Ty to join her. Ty refused to throw darts. Barry told Jorgenson that he will. Barry earned remuneration from Jorgenson since he acted as a gentleman to her.

Jorgenson said, “Barry and me have been partners ever since.”

Someone who has not attended college would think that this information would be incoherent since you think college dating is between one person. Unforunately, college dating is different.

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