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Teacher Goes to War

December 7, 2008
By Anonymous

“War is always inevitable. However, no matter what your view is you should support the soldiers. They are sacrificing their time, their energy, and their lives for us to have a free place to live.” Coach Tim Baker, one of our very own, has been called back for active duty. We are all aware of the War in Iraq. As a nation we may not agree with it, but we all support our soldiers.
It takes a lot of heart, energy, bravery, and mental stability to be in the army. “Boot camp is like two-a-days in football, but twenty-four hours a day. Physically it’s absolutely exhausting. You do everything from muscle failure to about 700-800 push-ups a day. You run everywhere and are just totally exhausted. It starts to wear on you mentally because you’re so tired, you can hardly think,” says Coach Baker. “They try to break you down so that you stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about others, which is how the army works.”
Nineteen years ago, back in 1998, Coach Baker volunteered to be in the army. Coach Baker has had prior experience in the army by being a Platoon Sergeant. He leads a squad of soldiers. He’s responsible for the well being of his squad and makes the decisions to try to keep people safe and to get them home.
The army has policies now that require everyone to serve some time over seas. With all the dangers and chaos in Iraq, Coach Baker still desires to fulfill his duties to his unit and to his country. Jeopardizing his life for the sake of others, a true Christian by all means. Something huge you can do for the soldiers and Coach Baker is something very simple, pray.


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