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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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   OnThanksgiving Day, one of my aunts asked if I had heard the latest newsabout Jesse Jackson in Decatur. Just mentioning his name reminded me of"that contest." Little did I know that the next morning JohnMeyer of The 21st Century would call with big news! He explained theevents to me, including how it might be hard to get to Boston with threedays notice. I thought I wouldn't be able to go, but we all wanted tomake this happen, so my mom and I found a perfect flight and booked it!

My English teacher passed on my news, and I even got a call frommy school guidance counselor and principal! I enjoyed watching myparents' excitement - especially my dad, since it was my interview withhim that helped me win.

I thought the day I found out wasexciting - until "The Day" came! I enjoyed watching thesunrise above the clouds flying in over Boston. The city and oceanlooked so beautiful. I loved every minute exploring Boston - walkingthrough Boston Commons, shopping, seeing the famous row houses andtaking a trolley ride. After a great day, we headed to the hotel and mystomach "re-filled" with butterflies!

Once inside, wemet John and Stephanie Meyer, and Brigid, then went to the room toprepare questions to ask Rev. Jackson. It made me feel important justwalking in, knowing I would soon be interviewing Jesse Jackson.

After two hours most, if not all, of my jitters were gone. Ifelt confident and ready. At that point, I was just excited and anxiousfor him to walk through the door. When he did, I had a big smile on myface. He's finally here, I thought. I was all set to shake his hand whenhe unexpectedly gave me a big hug! I realized then that he was a relaxedguy, which made me calm down. Right away I not only noticed how relaxedhe was, but also how tall! I just about reached his shoulders. He wasnot intimidating, though, because he showed his friendliness early on.

I still could not believe this whole situation was real. I waslistening to him speak very intently but somehow I wasn't"hearing" everything he was saying. I was too wrapped up inthe moment, I guess you could say, to absorb his entire message. Justwatching him speak was fascinating.

Visiting Boston andinterviewing Jesse Jackson were two things I never imagined I would doin the same day, let alone at all.


By Christy S., Germantown, NY

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