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Interview with Anwar Robinson (Tom Collins, RENT National Tour and American Idol Finalist)

May 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Jordan: OK, what is a typical day like in rehearsing for the show?

Anwar: Well, rehearsing, it changes from week to week depending on what needs to be rehearsed. Um, and sometimes we’ll be called a few hours before the show and we’ll go through things. I need some more rehearsals just getting acclimated, things in my body, cause I’m not used to doing that ‘soul’ into my left-brained musicianship. Yeah, like today we came and some people, there were understudy rehearsals for the full day and then we came in and like an hour before the show starts and we run a few things.

J: Oh OK. Does it get tiring performing the same role eight shows a week?

A: When you don’t live the story every day and find, like somebody else may find some place different. Don’t anticipate is constantly a phrase that’s used. It doesn’t get boring when you’re living the story and you find new things about the character. Ask me that again in about two months. [laughs]

J: Ok, um, how do you manage to stay healthy and keep your voice up doing so many shows?

A: Eight hours of sleep, um, limited to no alcohol intake and wrapping myself up properly, adjusting to climate changes and good vocal technique.

J: OK. What’s your favorite role you’ve had?

A: This is my first role, so I’d have to say this is my favorite role, in addition to being a teacher.

J: And what advice would you offer to someone who wants to go into this business?

A: Whoever wants to go into theatre, make sure you go to college. Make sure you do some post-high school study. Make sure that you’re open to direction and that you are ready and willing to tell a story with your entire being.

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