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A True Rock God

May 6, 2008
By Anonymous

“Never give up on your dreams” were some inspiring words from a very inspiring man. On the outside you might not guess it, but in the heart of Jon Doty lives a true rock legend. Born on February 25, 1975, Jon D. lived a typical everyday life. He loved to play with his friends, and he attended elementary school in Newton Ransum. This young star figured out he had a passion for music at a ripe age, but he didn’t pick up a guitar until his late teens. He moved to Scranton before starting high school where he then attended Scranton Central. He dropped out after high school and skipped college to pursue his dream of becoming a famous rock star. Nowadays, you might not see 33 year old Jon D. on billboards or on the music awards, but to local clubs, friends, family, and scrantonians Jon is a rock star.
By day Jon is a mail machine operator for an insurance company, but by night he’s a bass player for his band “Main Offender.” Music and work might play a big part in this small town mans life, but there is an even bigger part that plays into his heart. Jon is a very big family man. He lives with his son Jonathan, and his mother Audrey. His sister Robyn lives right up the street, and his brother Jeff, and dad George live only a few blocks away. Which means, no matter where he is his family is right by his side. Regret is a word rarely used in Jon’s life. Even though rarely used Jon still has something he constantly wishes he could redo. He wishes he went to college to become a music teacher. Although he did enjoy traveling and doing what he loves he wishes he had something to fall back on. Jon also wishes he was more outgoing.
When we took a step back in time Jon told me of his favorite memories from his childhood. He loved Christmas Eve’s with his siblings. He stated, “Once Christmas day hit the excitement was pretty much gone.” For him the joy of Christmas wasn’t opening gifts and seeing what he got. The most fun for him was sitting up late on Christmas Eve, and talking to his brother and sister about what they fantasized would appear the next day. He also loved going on family trips. They didn’t have the most money, and didn’t go to the biggest most known places, but that didn’t matter to them because spending money wasn’t what Jon and his family were and are still to this day about. They are about love, and care, and they believe they should cherish the moments they have together because tomorrow is never promised.
Although living in, and loving Scranton Jon doesn’t always plan on living here. He hopes to be living in Hawaii very soon. Once his son is off at college Jon plans on picking up and moving there. He thinks its beautiful, and very calm, and an amazing place to spend the remainder of his life.
Jon’s opinion on the world today is a very strong one. He believes that some people are very caught up in themselves. He thinks they are selfish and instead of looking at starving kids, street violence, raising gas prices, and our troops at war they are too into their ownself, and their money.
When asked what the craziest most fun thing he ever did in his life was he told me it was when he picked up and moved to New York City. Like you probably have already noticed Jon really loves his music. Jon and his band were dieing to make it big. They said they would do anything to make their dream come true. Well, for this to happen they all decided to move to the big apple. With the little money they had they were off to try and make their dream come true in the business. They ended up staying there for longer than expected; 3years to be exact. They had a blast playing different places, meeting stars, and bonding not only as a band but also as a big group of friends. The downside which made Jon move back home was the fact that although he loved music he had a bigger joy back home; his son Jonathan. So, the band picked up and as fast as it happened their trip ended.
I learned a lot from Jon. I learned not to be afraid of your dreams, that everyone has a talent no matter what it is its there. He also taught me to take on the future with everything I have. Tomorrows not promised so if you have a dream believe, and go through with it now rather than never. In the end, Jon might not be the most famous person in the world, or have his name in lights, but with his energy and love for life I wouldn’t doubt that his big break is moments away.

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