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My Best Friend

December 13, 2010
By horselove146 GOLD, Scituate, Massachusetts
horselove146 GOLD, Scituate, Massachusetts
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Have you ever had a best friend? Some people do not know what it is like to have a best friend. I never really understood what I had, that some people do not. My best friend’s name is Molly. I have known her since she was two days old! Our parents were friends, who met at St. Frances X. Cabrini church in Scituate, Massachusetts, which no longer exists. My parents were really into religion, and my mother worked for the church, as a bookkeeper. Molly’s parents knew my mother, because most people in the church did. One Sunday, my parents were at church and they announced to everyone that they were going to adopt a baby girl. Everyone was so excited, however that Saturday; Molly’s parents had just found out that they too, were going to have a baby girl. Later that Sunday night, Laurie, Molly’s mother called up and told my parents that she was pregnant. My mother asked why she had not said anything at church. Her answer was that she did not want to wreck my parent’s celebration. About three weeks later I was born, on August 27th, 1996. Later in the year, on April 3rd, 1997, Molly was born. Two days after she was born, my parents took me over to see her. I was only about eight months old at the time. From then on we played together all the time. When I was three I went to playgroup at her house, every day, while my mother and father worked. We always had fun there! Molly has a brother named Danny, and a sister named Darcy. Molly is now in eighth grade. Danny is a junior in high school, and Darcy is a freshman in college. One big thing that our families do together is, we go trick-or-treating every year on Halloween. Molly is very outgoing, and crazy. It is a good crazy, but sometimes she can be a little too crazy. One time, Molly and I were walking down the street, and she decided to put her thumb up to act like she was hitchhiking and a black car pulled over. We almost started running, but as the windows rolled down, I saw my 6th grade teachers face, in the driver seat. Another time I put black pants on my head to act like a nun, because my aunt is a nun, and when I walked over to Molly, who was drinking milk, she thought I was my aunt! Molly laughed so hard the milk in her mouth poured out of her nose! There are certain thing things that I have remembered my whole life. Molly is my best friend, because I have known her for so long, and we have shared so many good times together. I always know I can tell her everything, and I can always trust her. Sometimes we get in to fights, but we always end up laughing in the end. I remember one day, when I was eight, Molly was really mad at me, because I got mad at her for biting me, and she would not talk to me. Later I made her laugh, and she said she could never stay mad at me because she always ended up laughing in the end. One day in playgroup it was a dark, and rainy day. Molly’s brother was seven years old, and he kept bragging to everyone that he could count to one-thousand. Everyone at playgroup was amazed, as he counted. By the time he had finished, we looked out the window, and noticed that the sun was shining bright. It was no longer raining so we went outside. A few days ago when Molly was at my house we decided to cook a big meal for dinner. Both of my parents were gone, and we made a big pasta dish, with brownies for dessert. We hang out all the time and we are always talking on the phone and texting each other. For Molly’s birthday this year, I bought her concert tickets for Sean Kingston, in Providence, Rhode Island. Her birthday was April 3rd, 2010, but the concert just happened to be on my birthday, August 27th, 2010. I thought that was fun, because I got to go to a concert with my best friend! We have not been hanging out as much, since we are in different school. She has made a lot of new friends. Molly has always had a lot of great friends that I have become friends with too. We have been best friends for fourteen years, and I hope that we always are!

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