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Allison Rider-Band Teacher

May 11, 2009
By NancyP PLATINUM, Aurora, Illinois
NancyP PLATINUM, Aurora, Illinois
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Being a band teacher isn’t as easy as it is sometimes thought. Music has to be picked, students have to be taught, and classes and concerts have to be planned. Allison Rider is a local band teacher that likes to know her students. She wants to know all of the abilities to pick the right part for them. She is a professional at knowing all of the instruments and really knows her job. I was lucky enough to sit down with her and ask about the ups and downs of her career.

What is the best and most enjoyable part of your career?
The best part is definitely having the chance to work with middle school kids. All of them are talented, fun, silly, and very hardworking all at once. It is amazing that I have the chance to work with every student in band.

What is the worst part of your career?
The worst part is PAPERWORK! There is a lot of paperwork that is definitely not enjoyed. There’s a lot of keeping track of grades. The worst part of paperwork is that it’s not teaching. I really didn’t expect that I would have this much paperwork.

What did you first expect when you received your job?
I knew that I would have to work really hard and be very busy. But, I also knew that I would have a lot of fun along with the work. I was right. I do work hard, but I have so much fun working with every student.

How busy are you while preparing classes and concerts?
There is a lot of preparation! It’s easier for me because I have been teaching for a long time, but it takes so long. I am always thinking about classes. There happens to be more thinking time than actual time, time. I literally am thinking music all the time! Concerts are definitely the hardest part of being a band teacher. The concerts are a lot of pressure because I want to prove to my students parents that they are being taught and being taught well. So, concerts are the busiest time of being a band teacher.

What other jobs have you had?
Let’s see. I have worked in a pizza restaurant. I remember when I was working as a hostess in a restaurant. I have worked in a teacher store. I’ve never done any other jobs out of that category if you know what I mean. What I’m saying is that I have only done service jobs. Being a teacher is my favorite.

Is one grade of students your favorite to teach? Which, and why?
Eighth grade is my favorite without a doubt. Everyone is really ready to make a lot of music. They’re all ready and more developed with the musical skills. I like teaching seventh grade, but eighth is definitely my favorite. I have seen them grow musically the most.

How hard is it to balance your family life with your teaching life?
That is an excellent question! It is very challenging. I have my own evening things so there is a lot of balance to be made; especially being a mom. My family is the most important to me, but my students mean so much. I am always thinking about both of those groups. It is very hard to balance, but I have been teaching for a while, so it is much easier with my experience than it would be for a new teacher.

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