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Happiness is Key

December 12, 2008
By Anonymous

If you think about it, Ashley Williams is truly a great soul with a characteristic personality to match. She if full of hearty laughs that truly releases happy energy throughout the moment. She has nothing to hide, and from past experience, it seems like she only wants to have a good time.

I asked Ashley a lump some of questions during our wonderfully enjoyed interview session. Some of the questions were about her favorite things, memories goals and dreams. She has a lot of ideas, which made it interesting. She laughed, and overall I learned some peculiar things about her.

Ashley‘s favorite word is laugh. She says the reason of why her favorite word is laugh is because she likes the sound and she loves to do it; which isn’t news because she is a big ball of positive energy, anyways. Ashley has also stated that her favorite movies are, The Wedding Singer which is about a single man, whose profession is to sing at weddings, who falls in love with a wedding caterer. Her second favorite movie is, Mean Girls in which the story sets in a previous home-schooled teen who transfers to High School for a change. Note: Both are comedies. Other note: Ashley loves to go to movies.

Ashley enjoys leisure computer time on some days. She says that she loves to read books, “Anything but historical fiction,” she also said that, “I love movies, but books are always better.” Her favorite book is Absolutely Normal Chaos. In which is the story of a 6th grader’s summer in which keeps a journal and writes in it so that her 7th grade teacher can read it when school starts.

Ashley has also stated that she loves music. She enjoys most pop/punk music like Katy Perry and Fallout Boy. Ashley has both of their CD’s, Katy Perry’s, “One of the Boys” and Fallout Boy’s, “From Under the Cork Tree”. She said, “I could listen to the Fallout Boy one over and over because I never get tired of it.”

A girl with morals and positive figures and goals in her life says that her idol is her father. Her reason being, “He does so much for us.” Ashley has also commented that she would like to work the medicine field. “I would either like to be a veterinarian or a pediatrician.” She says. And as for her goals, Ashley said later in the interview that her goal would be, “To get a 4.0 G.P.A”

In the end, Ashley is your typical; fun-loving gal. She has a taste of music, movies and books in her life. She enjoys her friends, and loves her family. But what makes her special?

We could begin with her personality of gold. The appreciation she sheds for her life, and everything in it. Her young and fresh aurora of attitude and friendliness in which is hard to ignore. Let’s face it, you don’t meet a lot of people like Ashley in your life, and in the end I am pretty lucky to have met such a great person.

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