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The Protectors

May 18, 2008
By Anonymous

The Darkness closed in as Classic and Micheala left the colledge dorms.
"Wow!I can't wait to get to this party,Calssic!It'll be my first big party since,well,forever!!!!"
"Yeah,well,just don't embarrass me,O.K.?"Classic replied,snickering at her friend ever embarrassing her.In fact,it usually turned out the other way around,Classic usually got Micheala in trouble.
"Oh,yeah,I almost forgot.Did you hear about that freak who is trying to be Batman?He sounds really weird,can we go through the subway station,he hasn't attacked there yet.I already have tickets,the bus is:Bus 322."
"Uh Micheala?"
"We're wearing really tight, small, and showey clothing,and you're wanting to go through the subway for fear of being caught by the Batman wierdo,probably just getting hit on by some OTHER weirdo..."
"Yeah I suppose your right...."

Two hours Later in the Meridian Train Station.
"Still can't believe you talked me into this!!!!!'Classic bawled,always acting a little over dramatic.
"Well,lets just -not-miss-the-train..."
"SSSSQQQQQQQUUUUUUUEEEEECCCCCHHHHHH!!!!"The train tracks guided themselves mercilesly to a stop.The girls looked ahead at the stopped bus,letting it's last passenger on.The two girls looked at eachother,crazed.They ran over the slippery floor,not wondering,or caring about the ominous shape in the shadows of each broken sign.As the girls ran around an un-expected barricade of trash cans and seats,the bus started to move.It screeched as the wheels turned.Another bus came rolling in,and passengers came flooding out.
"Come on Micheala!We cannot miss this bus!!!"

The friends ran over to the wet train stop and slipped as the bus quickly pulled away.Classic and Micheala were sent flying past a 'Wet Floors' sign.They heard a screech of another train pull in as the announcer lady called in,
"Bus 322 will be departing in 10 minutes.Bus 306 arriving in Lane 5.The girls looked up instinctively at the large,overhanging sign above them reading,Lane 5.The girls tumbled into Lane 5 as the screech and TOOT!tOOT!came close.They looked at the high walls and started to panic.They had no time to try and get a ladder down to them before the bus would crush them.The two girls looked around frantically,and spotted a passage way,it went into another train way and the train was allowing people to board it.Through the cracks,Classic spotted a stairway leading up to the departing and entering way.The train screeched and the girls could see the lights heading for them,almost as if makking a mean old woman's face that had been in a snarl too long.They went to the flat wall with the passage way to the other train.,there was barely enough room for one of them to fit,even without an arm.Classic started to have a hard time breathing and Micheala was trying to be serious and help her friend out.The flat walls provided no nitches,and they were unable to go through the passage that the train would have gone through.It was closed off with a sliding wall so that noone could get into the train-ways and get stuck,eventually getting themselves killed.

Micheala looked around and tried to call for help,but the announcements and busses screeching drowned out her voice,except for one person.He gathered his wits and followed the signs that someone had slipped when he came accross two girls stuck inside of the train stop.They were calling out and beating the walls,searching for a way out.He thought for a moment,and called for help.The train had only a little ways to go.The headlights bounced off of the dreary walls and onto Micheala's brown hair.People gathered around and started to call for someone to get the girls out.The man turned and went in the direction of the Men's Bathrooms.The girls gained new spirit at the surrounding crowd and tried to crawl up onto eachother to catch someone's hand and get up onto the wall. Even with Classic's tallness at the base,they couldn't reach the top.It was just out of everyone's reach.Suddenly,the light shown brighter on Classic and Micheala.They saw the bus Driver try to stop the bus,but it was too late.A black figure came swirling out of the crowd,
"Every one!Get away from the sides of the train-Stop!" He called.A grey mist was thrown out of his hands as he flew down to the pit,picked up the girls and flew out of the pit.Hidden above the people,he soared to the open doors and flew out.Still,he carried the frightened girls all the way to a tall house.

"What were you two doing?"He asked suspiciously.
"What do you mean?"Classic asked,barley above a whisper."We were trying-to-catch-our----COUGH-HEAVE-HEAVE-HEAVE!!!"She fell onto a seat,holding her chest.
"Not NOW!cOME ON Classic!!!Breathe slowley!!!Be calm!"Micheala crouched beside her friend with gentle eyes,trying to calm her.
"What's the matter with her?Althsma?"The black figure asked,a little nicer now.
"She gets heavy breathing when she has too much stress.Come on Classic!Remember the party we were supposed to go to?We still have to go to it!That train thing was just a dream,it's O.K."
"What are you doing?She looks like she needs to go to a Hospital!"The man picked Classic up.She struggeled a bit,and Micheala tried to get the weirdo away from her friend,although fearing the blades mysteriously incripted upon his belt.She stared,startled for a moment, and gasped. She just let the Batman Wannabe touch and carry her and her friend!The Batman neared the edge of the building swiftly, and Classic's breathing harshened.Micheala ran to his side and grabbed his leg as he jumped.The building was 12 stories high,and Micheala grabed hold of his leg for dear life!A black platform flew below them,and it changed into a Jet instantaneously.Micheala found a seat amongst the warm black interrier.The man set Classic in a seat which zoomed back to Micheala's spot.Classic breathed harder,almost nothing could be heard from her except for a squeak of breath every minute or so.Her face became a deathly pale as The Batman sped up the jet,flying in the direction of a large country house,the size of a manor.He swooped past it and went into the darkening cave that was hid past the house,a few miles back.

The cave was cool and damp as he opened the jet.The walls were a dark color,barely noticable for there was almost no light.He clapped his hands and light sawrmed the cave,sending bats everywhere.He set Classic on a bed in a room where the bats could not be seen nor heard.Micheala ran into the room as The Bat-man closed the door. He tried to pull her away,forgetting that she had held onto his leg.He had not noticed that she was with them,he had planned to bring the poor girl back to life,find out what her and her friend knew and send her home.The girl,he had thought, might've just worsened Classic's 'condition'. He was just sick of being called someone who put little girls' in such a traumatic state.He saw soon that the girl had actually helped Classic,he turned on the lights in the room and Classic was soon up, asking for a glass of water.The Bat-man saw his friend Butler rush in.
"WHAT HAVE YOU GOTTEN YOURSELF INTO THIS TIME?"He shrieked. His old age was coming upon him, and he didn't want to find out anything bad later,he liked to know sooner instead."Did you bring home your drugged friend again?She cannot stay another night if that's what you wish!I am sorry Mast-"
"Drake!Hold on!"The Bat-man said shaking his head.He tried to move in front of the room in which the two girls were in,but Drake's stength surprised him again,and he was thrown aside.The old, white haired Drake swept into the room as Classic sat up, very frightened at hearing 'drugged' while drinking someone's water.
"Oh good Lord Batman,the girls get younger every day!!!!"Classic heard this and her heart jumped up into her throat,her head went spinning and she felt light-headed. She jumped out of the bed shakily as Micheala jumped up and they tried to run out of the door, or at least make an attempt at guaring themselves.
"Draake! Do you have to scare the little girls? I tried to help them for god sakes! Then,you come and make the tall one get sick agian."
"Again? Have I been out cold her something? And, no OFFENSE to you weirdo, but who is he? Drake is your name? Great name for a butler, but seriously now, I thought that the Butler's name was Charles or something. Am I right? Or what?"
"Your mouth may be a little too big for you little girl!" Repelled Drake.
"Classic-" Micheala shook her head no, and held her arm, almost as if restraining her. Classic could have an odd temper when she was excited and scared at the same time."I'm sorry, my friend speaks like that when she's frustrated,so um,could you,like,you know,Move?" Micheala said looking anxiously looking at the cave opening.The sun was somehow rising, and it's warmth was oddly welcomed.The looked at the Batman who was speaking in sign language to Drake, Micheala had been forced to learn sign language when her adopted sister and sister had been in a car crash and had become a mute as well as deaf.She could only make out:
"They know something- -just a little- -please Taoake!" and"Oh no James- -too young for you-" Micheaal backed up and Classic was hit with an idea, she groubled through her purse looking for her Red razor and hair spray. She handed the hair spray secretly to Micheala and turned on the video on the Razor.When the Batman looked back at her,Classic raised her phone to his face within seconds the video was clear and sent to her mother who was in the CSI. Batman ripped the Razor from her hands and threw it into the small puddle near the door of which Drake had come through.
"Hey!!What did you do that for?It's brand -new!!!!!"
"You film anything else,and it'll be your fingers next."
"Now James!That's no way for you to treat a guest! I am thouroghly annoy-"
"Drake!!! Why don't I just take off my 'mask' and tell them who i realy am and where I live?!?!!!"James skrieked. Classic looked closer at James,his name ringing a bell of firmialiatarity.She saw that he was really just about her and Micheala's age,though his suit was decieving.His "muscles" bulged through his hard suit.His mask was hard and made him look like he was going mad,going to kill you,or something else.He looked cute,and yet mean,rude,and almost evil. Although he had shown all of these things since Classic could remember,she wondered what his real anibitions were. She looked into his blue, squinted eyes and realized that they were normally squinted. She looked at him, good nateredly.

Micheala looked at her friend and rolled her eyes.Classic still went to a party, in her own litle world!!! For a moment, she forgot the fact that they were with the weirdo of all time, The Bat-man Wannabe.
"Hey Classic! It looks like you've got a crush!" Micheala laughed and let her hand go out to her sides.Classic was startled by her friends' remark and her throat started to close up again.She saw the hair spray bottle the second that Bat-man did.She lunged at the bottle,grabbed it from Micheala's hands,and sprayed James' eyes.Drake was momentarily dazed as Classic quickly grabbed Micheala and ran twords the Jet.Classic jumped into the drivers' seat as Bat-man got up,
"Get them Drake!!!They know who I am!"
"Master James, sir. Do you consider yourself a hero now? You've captured two Colledge girls and you don't want them to 'escape'?!?!?! What's the matter with you? I AM SORRY GIRLS!You're horrible young master James."Drake turned and walked away. Bat-man had one thought on his mind, that thoguht was to not let the two girls get away. Bat-man jumped up and his wings popped up,he flew over to the Jet as Classic saw the 'Close doors' button.She franticly pushed it.James' cloak got stuck in the door as he dropped onto the Jet.He hit the windows, and searched for keys to get back into his jet. Micheala knew that they didn't have much time before the weirdo would be able to get in, and so she acted very irrationaly and pressed a button. A steering stick appeared in between the two girls and Classic pulled it back,her excitment rushing over her. Bat-man was pushed onto the winshield as they all pulled out of the cave. Classic started to feel drowsey as they went into the air again. Blood veins on her neck stoarted to buldge and her hand went limp and fell off of the steering wheel, sending them downwards. Micheala grabbed ahold of the wheel, too busy trying sort out where to go in Bat-man's Jet with him stuck on the windshield.She pointed it in the direction of the mountains that had surrounded the green and open field.The green scenery willed Micheala's heart with joy as they entered a colder area. They had covered a couple of ten miles in minutes,and they were soon over the mountains were the coldness was reacting on the Jet and Bat-man.

James was still trying to figure out how he had let this happened. He fought more agile, stronger, beter fighters than these two College students, and so how had he come into this situation? He guessed that he was oddly dazed by what the Micheala girl had said. Though he didn't know why,he felt that something had happened when Classic had gotten better. The coldness had gotten through his suit and felt as if he would be frozen within seconds,but he could not move, he was stuck to the windshield.Micheala's hand felt odd and so she let go of the steering wheel absentmindedly. The ship steered itsself right into a pile of soft snow which stopped the Jet.As soon as the Jet and friends and gotten onto firm ground,Classic awoke.

The Frozen 'Chap'
Chapter Two

"Where are we?An who----- AAAAAHGGGGGGGHHHH!We've killed the most famous 'hero' of this generation!!!!"Classic screamed.Bat-man was lying on the ground with his cape badly torn.Classic had a bad memory, but usually, she could hold a grudge for 2 months!!!!!Classic looked at him,almost as if remembering something, something very far off and old. She jumped out of the Jet and her heart jumped back down to it's normal place. Her somach hurt bad, and she did not really want to move, but she walked over to James' limp body. She fell onto her knees beside him and just stared, head cocked to a side.
"CLASSIC!IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!This freak tried to be well,freaky! He is not one to be trusted!"
"And neither am I, but you rust me. Don't you?Look, I think that he has just gotten so very wrapped up in the whole thing about consealing his identidy from other people that he's forgotten how to be a good guy. He just overacted a little."
"Yeah Micheala?"
"Are you aving a mood swing or something?Or wait a minute. You do like him! Don't you?!?!?!" Micheala squealed. Classic looked at Micheala and squinted her eyes.
"Come on,help me to find a nice and cozy cave,seeing that the jet is not availible to fly anymore."

A few hours later,Classic and Micheala dragged Bat-man into a nearby cave and searched the Jet for supplies to nurse a frostbiten victum back to life. Unfortunatly, they only found things to make a fire,and a fur jacket big enough to hold Big Daddy! They wrapped James warm, and got a fire going,before long,he was breathing steadily,as was Classic, and coming back into life. Classic was sitting beside him when she felt that he owed it to them to reveal his face. She gingerly touched his uncovered cheek,right below the part where his mask ended. She flexed her fingers as he started to grumble. Then, with a steady hand and closed throat,she swiped off the mask. James' eyes fluttered open, and he raised his arm to his face, pushing Classic away.
"What's the matter?"
"Why are you so very keen on seeing who I am?"
"Why are you so 'keen' on consealing your face? Is it so very ugly that you have to hide it?"
"No, but I was just thinking the opposite, why don't you hide your face? Or wait,isn't is ugly enough to hide from the pigs of this world?"

Classic stood up from her kneeling position beside James, her face unwavering. She turned abruptly and walked to the sunny outside of the cave. The storm that they had come into had passed,and all was warm and cozy once more. She exited the cave calling,"I'll be back soon Micheala!"

But Classic had already left, shuning the fact that James had called her ugly. Words were just sounds radiating from the vocal chords in the body.
"What is wrong with you?She just brought you 'back to health', and yet the 'masked hero' can no more act a hero than a baby!"
"She started it!"
"Uggghhhh!Take matters into your own hands you weirdo!!!"Micheala screeched. James had already put on his mask and was trying to get closer to the fire.
"I can fend for myself. I don't need some useless little girls to help me out." James ungratefully snarled.
"How can the hero of all tim be such a jerk? When you arrived to save us,I admit, I was a bit awed, but now? Now I'm really depressed that you ever laid eyes on me and my friend. Oh yeah, and if you think that you're all that- See what you can do with no fire!?!?!?!"Micheala yelled as she dumped a truck load of snow on the fire.In a moment, the cold winds had swept away the last bit of warmth other than the sun's rays which were now looming sinisterly above them.A short and small cry swept accroos te frozen mountains to the cave. Micheala Could not hear them,but as sHe walked out of the cave,Bat-man cried,
"Wait!!!"She stepped backwards and stubbornly watched him struggle to move his cold body twords her.Finally, she gave in and helped him breathe right so that he could properly move his body again.
"I'm too nice-"
"But maby Just nice enough." Micheala stared at James in disbelief.
"Did you just give ME a compliment?"
"Stop worrying about that! I think that your friend is in trouble!" He moved in the direction of the voice and started on a jog. It would take him a few minutes,maby one or two, to get to Classic. The two people ran to where Classic was, and just in time to se a pack of wolves hungrily back Classic into a hole where there home laid. They growled and Classic was having a really hard time breathing.She stumbled on a rock with a stick in hand and an older wolf struck. It howled as she sent the stick/spear through the wolf.She crawled back on her hind legs,excitment and fear burning in her eyes. She could not, or would not look in the direction of Micheala and James.James tried to think of a quick solution like he had in the bus stop, but his mind was among other things, not bothering to listen to what James' heart said. Classic stumbled back wards finally catching sight of James and Micheala. The second eldest reached his barred teeth twords her and snarled. Classic shrieked and hit her head off of a rock right above her temple. Micheala gasped a large breath as a muscular wolve lept twords Classic. Micheala stopped the disposed wolf with the spear through it. She grabbed the spear and pulled, it came free with a jolt and she aimed it twords the Muscular wolf. She aimed as it rose to strike. She threw it, and... another wolf got in the way of the spear delaying the death of a certain friend, but losing the only defense weapon. Micheala stepped backwards into the white snowy grounds. The feathery feeling of the snow had dissapeared and it was perfect packing snow. The wolf completely turned twords Micheala and snarled. She fell backwards into the cold snow, her hands tingling from the warmth to coldness change. She picked up a bunch of snow and looked at it, thinking. She picked up more and packed it into the Perfect Snowball. She aimed with her last hope, and fired. The Perfect Snowball had also had rocks and small stones, unknown and hidden in the center. Suddenly, a cloud was cast of the sun and the shadow of a extra large bat came into view of the hill close to them.The wolves were so frightened that they ran passed their homes and into the depths of snow. Bat-man jumped down from his little cliff and walked behind Micheala as she cautiously walked over to Classic. Her breathing was slow and rythmic. Micheala snorted and laid her hands on her hips. She shok her head as she continued the rest of the way twords Classic. Classic groaned and shook her head carefully. She sat up on her knees and fell forward.She just LOVED the feeling of snow!!!!She felt aound and saw Micheala walking twords her, hands on hips. Classic felt the packing snow and in a second, she was on her stomach with a snowball in hand. She reached up and threw when Micheala came within range. Micheala had seen the snowball coming, but she had no time to duck. It hit her squarely in the face and she fell backwards, taking James with her.
"Ahhhh! Get off me you baffoon!!!!" James yelled as Micheala tried to gather her surroundings and get up. Classic was alrady making another snow ball. As soon as Micheala got up, Classic threw the snow ball at her feet. This time, Michaela sidestepped it as the snowball slowley ran off of James' boots and right to his face.His head dropped backwards as the snowball hit him. When he finally reajusted his head, white snow paritcles were all over his mask and tucked in the eye holes.
"Dang it!!!!!! You little brats!!!! You're so immature and stupid little girls!!!!" He snarled at the two girls. Classic looked at the mound that James' had jumped off of. The ground started to shake and the snow began to move in the opposite direction that James was facing. James looked up at the mound and started to turn and call out,
"Come on! Run!!! Earthquake!!!" Michaela looked back at the mound and started to run twords James. Classic looked passed the earthquake and spotted a sign that read,'Sports Shop and Recreation Center of Dee's'. She looked at the sign and saw the arrow pointed to her left. She gasped as ten or fifteen people came rushing out of a store half a mile away. She started twords the direction of the store.
"Classic! Where are you going? The earthquake is worse over there!" Micheala screamed and she tried to stagger over to where Classic was jumping off of things!
"I'm going over to the store there! Those people are worse off, and, I haven't had that much excitment yet! I WANT TO HELP SOMEONE BEFORE LONG!!!"
"You're an idiot! You can't save someone if you're dead! You can't do it Classic! Don't-"
"I'm going anyways. C' Ya!" She ran twords the store even faster. She spotted a thick ice coating over a snow board. She turned twords it and pried it out of the ground. She laid it down, got on, and pushed herself off of the ground.
"AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maby ths wasn't SUCH A GOOD IDEA AFTER ALLL!!!!!!" She screamed as she flew down the hill, the ice melting off as she sped down. She saw a bump in the road and she laid her hands on the board, she steered erself out of the way. Her feet started to stick to the ice, but Classic did not notice. She was nearly there! As she sped up, the Earthquaked created a huge crack right before the store. A large jump was right in Classic's sight. She peed her pants as she steered her ice-board to the jump. She let her hands off of the board and she jumped. She flew into the air and she sqealed as the store moved a little. The people coming out had stopped and watched the flying girl try to land. Classic saw the earthquake stop and fell into a soft spot of the snow on top of the store. She was encased by a think layer of ice and a soft part of snow. Her eyes fell on the red spot close to her head. She felt a tingling by the back of her skull and noticed that she was unable to move her legs. I'm such a drastic idiot... She thought, a warm tear sliding oput of her eye.

"Classic!!!You dumb gorilla!!!! Don't throw your life away just for a bit of fun!" Micheala screamed as Classic ran twords a block of ice and took it twords the edge of the hill. James ran forward and grunted as he fell to the ground, clutching his sides. His black capes swirled around him as he breathed heavily. This is crazyness, Micheala thought. A memory stirred in her mind and she thought aloud,
"No, this is not madness, this is Spaphtan!!!" Classic and her father would not stop giggling and making fun of the phrase from 600. She laughed and her mind came back to the present. She scanned the hill for Classic. There was no sign of her. She had dissapeared!!!

Classic groaned as she clutched her leg in pain. She could not pull off the frozen board because it was far to heavy, and the coldness seeped in through Classic's brown morning sweater that she had pulled over her in the bus station. The cami underneath her moring sweater felt frozen, and her black skirt was no better. Somehow, she had forgotten to get a fancy pair of shoes, and was wearing her favored boots instead.She stirred and let her head fall to the ground. Her throat swelled up again and tears and a dry cry came out. Tears that she hadn't wept for what seemed like forever leaked out of her eyes. Her chest seemed to shrink a dozen times smaller and she gasped as she felt light headed and returned to the ground.

"Look! Up there! On the roof!" small voices called, carried out by the wind. Micheala looked in the direction of the shop and saw a dark figure slightly moving.
"Look, I don't really know who you are Batman wannabe, but I don't think I really want to find out. So, I'm just gonna let you sit there and think about weather or not you'd like to come along." James looked up at her, spite and confusion in his eyes. He looked up at the brown haired beauty standing in front of him, the sun shadowing her. He shook his head and soon regretted it. His head ached with exhaustion and he doubled over. His face paled. "UUUGGGGHHHHH! Come on! that's discusting! But that must be really bad I suppose. You're always working out, you probably eat right., And, you really are strong. I am not understanding how you could get sick."
"Call- dRAKE." He caughed out.He sputtered as green mucas came out ad his eyes bulged.
"Awww come on!!!! I've gotta go and find Classic! But I can't leave the town's "Greatest Super Hero" stranded out here and sick!" The sun started up twords the top of the sky as Micheala wrapped James in his cape nice and cozy.
"I'll be back in a few." She said, jogging twords the shop. Micheala was barely out of running reach of James when a tree stump jutted out of the ground and she tumbled down.

Micheala slid on the ice and saw the upcoming jump as she gained speed. The ice thickened and Micheala could not stop. She was sent flying twords the shop, over the crack by the hill. She went feet first and flew above the heads of the onlookers.
"AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!" She screamed as she landed by Classic."Ugghhhhh, Classic?!?! Are you O.K.?" She looked at the frozen snowboard and took a deep intake of breath. She saw a peice of frozen metal, blood coated, and inserted in Classic's leg. Classic was pinned down by the weight of the snowboard. Micheala kicked the snowboard and Classic's eyes ripped open and the metal shard broke off of the snow board and the it went skidding down the roof.
"Ooopppps, fore!" Micheala called as the snowboard fell off the roof. Classic came back to consiousness and she started to cry.
"Why can't I feel my leg?" She whispered in a hoarse voice.
"Because, god didn't like you going all hung foo, and so he broke it with a lightning bolt." She said fake-laughing. She put her hand on the ice weapon and Classic cringed.
"On the count of three. One. Two...."
"Agggghhhhhhh!!!!! You liar!!!!! You evil!!!! You said three!"
" You would've been ready for it." She said, relaxing."Now, we need to find some medical supplies, and I've gotta find some way to get Batman-Wannabe over here. He's sick."
"Ohh. Well. That's better than having something sharp and stick stuck in your leg." Classic laughed painfully. She turned herself over holding the wound with her right hand."Let's get down there.... Somehow." She looked over the edge of the roof and her throat closed up again. Micheala quickley pulled her back from the egde and almost fell into the shop when sommeone opened a door.
"Come on in!!! I am not-Wow! You need a doctor Missy!!!" His eyes were electric yellow, and his teeth were pearly white. His hair seemed to stand on edge whenever something exciting happened, and right now, it was edge so much that it almost looked as if it was floating!
The snow dropped into the opened ceiling window as Classic was helped into the store.
"Hi, I'm Drake. Have we met somewhere before?" Micheala's eyes grew wide and she moved back a step.
"No." She said, faultering on her thoughts.
"I'm -I'm-I'm -I am Shelly. Sheldenia is my birthname, but you can call me Shelly. My friend over there is-is-" She said looking around," Her name is Eliza." She fininshed, as she spotted a Wild Thornberries VHR case.
"hEYYYY!!!aAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!What the freak do you think that you're doing? Get away!!!"
"Now, now, little girl. It will only hurt for a second, and then all of the pain will go away!" An older man with brown hair and a prune-face said. Micheala started to run twords her friends screams, but Drake held onto her arm tight.
"What's the matter?" He asked, Micheala looked at him with a strange lust in her eyes and kicked him in the knees. "OOOOOOOWWWWWWWWCCCCCCCHHHHHHH! I have only just had a surgury to get a metal plate installed in my leg you-!!!!" But Micheala was already out of his grasp. As she turned the corner, the prunefaced man was getting ready to inject a very large needle somewhere into Classic.
"Stop!!! What in god's name do you think that you're doing!?!?!?!" Micheala screamed in a booming voice.
"I'm giving your friend some pain relievers so that while I stich her leg up, she won't be in any pain."
"Did you even ask her if she'd like a large needle OR a surgury done on her?!?!?!"
"No, but she does need medical help. Now." He replied, "My name is Dotto."

Dotto and His Weird Friends
Chapter Three

Micheala looked at Dotto and shook her head.
"No- There is someone else, someone who needs help more than my friend does." Micheala said solomnly and gesturing twords Classic.
"Hey!" Classic shrieked,"I was just stabbed by a snowboard here and-"
"Alright, who is this person? Where are they?"
"He is that crazy Batman Wannbe-"
"How did you come accross him?" Dotto asked curiously,
"Hey! Hello here!!!! Anyone home?" Classic asked, her voice rising. She sat up on the table and doubled over in pain.
"We--uhhhh-we-We found him trying to practice crazy stunts, and he got too cold and we were just watching and he got sick, and he-We felt the earthquake come on and Eliza over here-" She lied and gestured twords Classic, " Decided to practice one of his crazy moves and fell onto your roof." Dotto's face was un-wavering, and Classic and Micheala had almost feared the worst when his face turned a cheery pink and a great smile eurrupted accross his face.
"O.K. Where can we find your other friend?"
"WWWAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" A frightened young boys' voice sounded through the shop.
"Look over there!" Shoppers exclaimed. Micheala ran out of the store and saw a black figure slipping down the slope. He grappled at the ice, but he kept on slipping. Classic hobbled out of the store on a large and quite fake candy cane.
"We've got to help him Mich-Shelly! We're the ones who got him into this mess!!!!" Classic shrieked.
"Ok.Let me think." Classic spotted a Medical Supply station and she ran over to it, grabbing a white garb. She wove it around her leg and took and Asprin.
"Hopefully this stuff kicks in before- You know what? Never mind." She said half to Micheala- half to herself. She limped over to the edge of the small crack. Her foot slipped and she fell straight on her back.
"Classic? CLASS-EEEEELLLLIIIIIZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!" Micheala said frantically.

Classic looked back, smiled and waved at her friend. She stood up and called twords James.
"O.K. I'm going to give you instructions that should help you to come down to this side. Ready?"
"Ne-Neverrrrr-" James called back quietly, his fingers slackened.
"Do you have enough energy to jump? Or even just to push off something?" Classic called up 15 feet.
Threee!!!!" But James did not jump off the cliff and land on Classic, instead, he- just- let --------Go.

"James!!!!!!!" Classic yelled. James reached his arms out to is sides and suddenly, dark, Navy blue wings appeared and he flew right past Classic. He landed in the snow with a thump and Micheala and Classic ran over to him.
"You O.K.?" Classic asked curiously,
"*Click!* Step away from the young man, girls." A deep voice from behind the friends demanded."Now..."
"Why?" Classic asked, raising her hands.
"Because stupid!That's the Batman freak. He's wanted in quite a few places."
"Why? Alls he does is save- try to- save people."
"Well, apparently not. These two girls were kidnapped by him just last night. I'll get a heafty reward if I bring him in!!!" He said laughing as the girls turned around. "Ohhh! OHHH MY GOD! He kidnapped you two! Are you all right?" Classic looked at his gun with aprehension. "Ohh, sorry," He holstered is gun,"Your parents must be terribly worried. Would you like to call them?" Micheala looked down to the ground. Classic looked over and did the same,
"No, it's all right. Jam- This Batmanguy needs some medical help. We think that he got too cold and then to warm."
"How did that happen?" Asked Dotto.
"Hey. Haven't we met before? Wait a minute!!!!! Um-Miche- Sandy, I think that I'm imagining my stories a little too much."

Micheala let her head fall down to her hands. What did I call myself??? Think! Think! THINK! Shelly! And Batman Wannabe was doing Snow boarding!!! that's it!
"Cl-I'm so sorry you guys! My friend and I call eachother Classic and Micheala, but our birthnames are Shelly and Eliza. We're not the people who you think that we are... We just like playing roles of other people. We are in colledge and are trying out in every type of area for play there is!" Classic shook her head 'yes!' with a smile."This isn't the real batman, Eliza just got a bit too caught up in the whole "role playing" thing!" Classic started to shake her head yes with a smile again, but she changed the smile to a frown and shook her head "no". "This is our friend, Jamake!" She acted with a smile. "He was trying to learn how to snowboard and he got sick from getting, too hot and cold?! Hewas really just-" Micheala tried to go on, but the police man and Dotto both stopped her.
"Look, you kids were doing some pretty dangerous stuff. We have to take you in, either way. Weather or not you are the kindnappies." He gestured twords a white garrage, hidden from the naked eye. He handed Dotto a pair of handcuffs and walked twords Classic, Micheala, and James. Classic backed up twords James.
"Look, you don't know what you're doing!!! This isn't right! You-you! Stop right there!" Classic yelled, crouching slowley twords James. He grumbled and moved a bit. Classic knelt down beside him and reached into his arm puch that had been filled with all different types of weapons earlier.
"Stop!!! What're you doing?!?! You stand up or else little Missy!!!" He yelled pulling out his gun again. He aimed it at her arm. "Stop! or I'll shoot!!!"
"What do you have the right to shoot me for? Landing on your precious little store while trying o help? Aww, now I'll never trust the police force and I'll be scared to death at being threatened to be taken down town if I made a miscalculation or a mistake!!!"
"Look. I can't have you running off with a lunatic at the condition that you're in!! Nor your friend!"
"Well, promise me that whenever you pass a hospital that you'll take our friend there." She asked in the sweetest tone that she could whenever she was excited. She fingered around for something and found a small throwing knife. She cut her finger on it as she tried to pull it out of the tight case.
"Sure. I promise." She took hold of Micheala's hand whenever she knelt beside her. The cut started to bleed fraticaly as she touched Micheala's hand. Micheala noticed the blood as did the police officer and Classic made a sorry face to Micheala, stood up,and threw.
"Noone ever kept their promises to me!" She said as the blackknife caught the police man off gaurd and he stumbled backwards. The knife then beeped unexpectedly as the police got up. A black cloud of bats sheilded the mountains from all light and James awoke, caughing. He looked at the bats in surprise and noted the blood on Classic's hand. She looked at her hand quickly, before turning around and helping to pick up James and help him walk over to the open garage.
"What did you do?" He asked in a high pitched squeal, looking back. Classic started to smile and started to fumble with the words and she looked back.
"Ohhh my god," She mouthed. She turned around and was pulled back by James with an exceptional amount of strength. She looked back at the swarm of bats hiding the weird doctor, Dotto, and the kind police man. They kept on jogging/ walking and Classic started to breathe hard and choke up. I-i-i-I did this!!! She cried as the light got dimmer, but all was still visable. She let Micheala drive and they sped down another hill as they buckled into the SUV, James and Classic were in the backseat. Micheala turned a few corners, the wheels spinning.

The road instantaneously became softer and the riding was easier. Classic found that she could not see, her face felt warm and her eyes hurt. She opened er eyes to see he vision slanted and she looked to the left, where James was supposed to be, but all she saw was a bitof water on a black peice of- She was restingon James' shoulder!!! She quickly raised her body away from James' and hit her hands off of the window.
"OOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!" She screamed unexpectedly. James woke up and scanned the car. He spotted Classic's leg and took a sharp intake of breath. It wasblue and purple, and swelling quickly.
"Are you two O.K.? Is there something wrong? Do I need to stop or pull over?"
"No! You need to get your crazy friend to a dctors office right away!!!"
"Don't we all?" Micheala muttered to her self as she stepped on the peddal, not realizing what had happened to Classic's leg. She drove intoa clear Highway and was finding her self huffing and puffing while she tried to find a sign for a hospital.
"So, what's your name again?" James tried to ask Micheala while closely watching Classic. There was nothing in the Suv to help Classic get better quickly.
"Micheala. What's yours again?" Micheala asked sarcastically.
"James, and Micheala? Have you ever driven before?" He asked as red and blue lights formed behind them and red lights appeared on the dashboard.
"Once or twice!" She said, thinking that it was a compliment.
"Well, you might just have to scoot over while I handle this guy and find a gas station."
"What are you saying? We need to get you to a hospital. What were you meaning by a guy- Ohh no! It's a police car! What did i do wrong this time?!?!?!"She asked as the gas dial went past empty and she was forced to pull over. The sirens went off and the police officer got out of his car, making his way to the small group. Micheala searched the car and looked back at Classic for some help. Suddenly, Micheala got it.
"Classic!!!" She started to scream at the top of her lungs." No no no! DON'T DO THIS TO ME!!!" She continued to scream.
"What the heck are you screaming about? She's been like this for-" James trailed off looking over to Micheala. She looked at him dissaprovingly as the officer stepped over to her window.
"Is everything all right Miss?" He asked unkindly.
"Well, as a matter of fact-" Micheala started to reply industiously as the oficer searched the car. He squealed like the stout little piggy that he was when he saw Classic.
"What the heck happened to her?!" He screeched. Michaela breathed in and out calmly once before answering the policeman. Never before in her life had she lied, not including the previous event of the mountains.
"I don't know!! She just-"
"What do you mean you don't know?!" James questioned, leaving tons of leverage for me.
"What do YOU mean?" Micheala cornered, she was having a little fun with this lying thing. James' eyes grew wide, he descretely shook his head, signaling that they needed to finish off any plan that she had. Micheala turned back to the officer. "Sir, we need to take your car to the hospital. There's supposedly a gas station around the bend. You can take this car there and get some gas. You can follow if you want but, we have to have a separate car and distance between us."
"WHAT?!" He yelled, whipping out his gun and pointing it at Micheala. "You're under some type of drugs, I can tell it. Get out of the car with your hands above your head." He continued to yell.

Micheala got out of the car and put her hands above her head. The policeman touched his walkie talkie and pressed the button. His lips opened and closed quickly, but Micheala couldn't hear what he was saying. His entire body was covered with snow, but no yelling came from his mouth. Micheala looked over at James, who was walking around the van to Classic's seat. Micheala followed, her ears unworking execpt for the heart beat sounding from her chest. She quietly watched James open the door, letting the light flood over Classic, green and fragile. He gingerly picked her up and walked over to the policecar. Together, they strapped themselves in, and James drove to the hospital.

The surroundings weren't fimilair to James or Micheala. The mountian acted as a barrier from the peacefull town named Jhoannah.(Pronounced Joe - Hanna) Trees swelled up in bunches and the lakes were white and clear blue. The sun set after a long day of searching and all. Before thay were able to go to the hospital, James had to get some new clothes. They found $180 in the police's car and bought James some fashionable new clothes, but ones that also made his mask seem normal. They kept his suit in the car and went to a free Emergency Hospital called the 'Caring Ones'.

Unnaturaly, they took Classic in without and questions and found out that James had a taste of the flu. They gave him a quick-working medicine saying,'You'll be better in a couple of days.' Classic though, took the wind out of their lungs. The green substance had been the infection, and her entire leg had been covered by it. They gasped - Doctors, nearby patients, and all - when they saw her x-rays.
"Your friend has, um, well-"
"What is it? Will she be OK? Will she be able to come with us? We have an aunt who's dying and that's her favorite niece that she wanted to see before she died." Micheala asked quickly, too readily getting the hang of lying. Her eyed became red and she felt almost like crying as her throat choked up. The male doctor, Mr. Ekinstien, looked at her sadly, his face wrinkled and worn. He reached out and touched her shoulder gently,
"You should really sit down." He whispered. "Your friend in there has, well-"He started, almost painfully,"Her cut was already thoroughly infected when you brought her here. The infections' run all the way down her leg. If we, if we can't get it out-" He looked down at the floor, hoping that he didn't have to go on. Hoping that she had understood.

Micheala looked out the nearby window. She thought hard as James shakily, almost repulsively, wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Instantly, she stood up.
"What can we do to help?" She asked calmly. James looked at her, almost horrified, then he regained his composture.
"You can wait here and hope for the best." He sadly replied.
"Dr. Ekinstien!! Dr. Ekinstien!! I've got to go, Lucy at the animal shelter is having a heart attack. The other vets were called out sick, and can't make it!" A woman called to the doctor. Dr.Ekinstien looked at her and nodded.

James looked at the woman who was both Classic's surgeon and Lucy's vet. He looked down at the last remains of the snow on his black boots and the puddle around his shoes. He looked up, back to the doctor, and got ready to speak.
"Dr.Ekinstien, I have been trained a little, I can help with the surgury to get the fungi out." Dr.Ekinstien looked at him both ponderously and amazed.
"No young man, I cannot allow you to enter the medical room unless you were a trained proffesor with a PHD and all of the right paperwork."
"Please sir, if I don't help, she runs a 50:50 chance of making it out of the emergency room without a leg. If I help, we run the same chances." Dr.Ekinstien scratched his head slightly and nodded. There wasn't any more that he could do. The solumn look upon James' face just broke his heart.

Micheala wasn't even admited to watch the operation. She sat, quiet and sad for 5 hours. She was forced to leave the hospital after she couldn't help but ask one too many times if she could see her friend. Micheala left her cell phone number at the hospital for whenever she WAS admited to see Classic. She went to a nearby dock, just to see the water, but ended up back at the hospital with a pint of Classic's favorite Ben &Jerry's.

After 1 hour, she got the suspencful call. It felt like her emotions were just a thread away from freaking out. As soon as the phone rang, she gently picked it up. Her hand shook as Dr.Ekinstien told her the situation. Her throat closed, and she felt smaller, like Classic when they were little. Classic had always complained that her lungs felt like they were shrinking when something exciting or terribly scary happened. Once, Classic had heard of a James Sawyer who was quite a bit older than her, yet still, she had thought him cute and all around awsome. Then, out of sending him letters of his great achievements, he visited her house. Classic got so excited, she turned green and couldn't breath. That time,Micheala thought, that time is a lot like right now. Micheala hopped into the police car and sped over with the speedy sirens on. She left the keys in the car in her excitement to get inside.

The room was cool and somewhat damp. Classic's leg felt like it was going to fall of with the weight that was on it. Suddenly, there was a coldness on it, and a hand touched the leg. She jumped up, mind soaring and hands raging. She accidentaly gave James a slap accross the face accompanied by five red marks.
"Yeeeoouuuucchhhh! So that's the way that you treat the person who saved your leg and made you better?" He grumbled, holding his face. Dr.Ekinstien ran into the room,
"Is everything OK in here?" He asked. James looked at him.
"Yeah, we're going to need another icepacket though..."
"Why?" Dr.Ekinstien asked.
"Because Dr, our patient just slapped me accross the face." Dr.Ekinstien looked at Classic crazily.
"She's awake, is she?" James nodded, "Huh. Can I ask you a question?" He asked Classic, she nodded as well, "Why did you smack the man who just saved your life?" Classic looked questioningly at James.
"He touched my leg." She answered pathetically. Dr.Ekinstien entered the room with a smile.
"It looks like I've got some explaining to do."

Micheala pushed open the doors and ran through the hospital. She tore through hallways and finnally found the room she was looking for. She kept on running like a madwoman and slipped on a puddle of water left over from James' shoes. She caught a glimpse of Classic sitting with James looking happily down at her, the doctor explaining her current situation. Micheala's legs bounced off the wall and she was sent haphazerdly down the hallway again back to Classic's room.

James bent down and unlatched Classic from the bed. He gently grabbed her arm and helped her up, being her supports.
"OK, now walk to me." Dr.Ekinstien commanded her. She started to tiptoe one or two steps before falling into James' arms again. Classic looked up at his big, deep, brown eyes, and blushed a little when she tried to curl up into a ball. Luckily, Dr.Ekinstien hadn't seen, but James had felt her reluctance to let go. Classic got up, and saw Micheala slide into the room, taking Dr.Ekinstien with her.
"Agghhh! What Are You-Who Are You-Why Are You?"
"I'm human, that girl's best friend, and I want to see how she's doing really, REALLY, badly."Micheala rubbed her head,and rushed over to Classic. "Ohh! Classic!!! How you doin'? I was so worried that you wouldn't make it!!!" Micheala instantaneously shut up. Classic's face went to riged from pure happiness. She thought for a moment.
"Well, I'm OK right now. Dr.Ekinstien, when might I be able to leave the hospital?" She asked with a smile. Dr.Ekinstien got up from the ground and smiled like Micheala had never pushed him down.
"Miss, I didn't even get your name. My nurses would like to really KNOW you. Also, we need to put down on your record that you came here. Alright?" He pushed with a smile.
"Alright!" Classic and Micheala replied with a smile. James sat Classic back down on the bed with a smile and a bland face, unlike is normal self.
"Hey James!!" Classic called as James left the room," Where are you going? We need to discuss a few things."
"I have to go with Dr.Ekinstien to look at xrays and make sure that you'll be OK." He said calmly and quietly.
"For the trip home, right?"She asked with laughter,
"Yeah, sure."He continued with a bland expression.
"Oh well,"Classic sighed,"How was your trip over here? Seeing as you rushed so hard to get into my room..."Classic said again, with a longing sigh as she loooked at the Fish Food Ben&Jerry's ice cream. Micheala looked to where Classic was looking and saw the melted ice cream slurping down the sides of the box.
"Awww!You know what, never mind about the ice cream, what I'd really like to tell you about is the traffic over here."
"What? Was it really slow?" Classic said with a scoff.
"No, actually. I ran over here really quick and I put on the sirens, but really, there was just two or three of this hospitals' vans. It's kinda giving me the impression that they were scravanging for patients. Also, there were no kids around, and no stupid teens out doing stuff that they shouldn't be doing." Micheala whispered, her brow knitting itsself together.
"So? Micheala, we live in the big city, things here are a bit more under control. There's nothing wrong with that. You're just not used to it. Although, I do sort of agree with you about the medical vans everywhere. There was only one nurse who I was able to talk to. She seemed like that other doctor, what was his name? Dotto, the crazy named man." She said, almost to herself," They both just stared off into space. Also, remember that time that my dad got the cartlidge peice taken off his leg? He was in pain afterwards. He also had scars. Look at my leg. There's no scars, stitches, or anything. Take that ice off, my leg's so cold, you could cut off a piece of skin and I wouldn't notice anything." Classic whispered back.
Four Hours Later

"jEEZE! It's been a long time just to look at xrays, hasn't it?"
"Yeah, it has.. Should I go look for James?" Micheala replied.
"I don't know, I'd really like for you to stay with me for company, but then again, I don't want to find out later that James is in any kind of trouble."
"I'll go look for him. You stay here, I'll get one of the nurses to come and watch after you. OK?"
"OK." Classic said reluctantly.

Micheala walked out into the dimly lit hallway, and a sense of a horror movie memory came onto her. The hospital is usually a busy place with people scurrying everywhere, phones ringing, things breaking. Here, wind beating against the windows was the only sound availiable. No phones rang, no patients to be fixed were around, and no kind doctors were around to show Micheala through this uncertain maze.

Soon, Micheala truely was lost in the crazy maze. She turned around constantly, at every fake footstep, at every droplet of water hitting the stainless steel, echoing throughout the hospital. Footsteps came closer around every bend, every second, Micheala saw imaginary faces. People who were not really there haunted her as her breath quickened and she slammed through the doors to an empty cafiteria, giving her a wide berth to run, but also more walls and corners for the voices to be bounced off of. She was sweating now, wondering how to get back to her friend, how to find James, how to stay sane. Soon, her head and body were two, her mouth opening itsself and screaming until dry. Micheala ran through the kitchen, appliances screaching their dissaproval. She screamed once more, and slunk to the ground, afraid, and tired. Soon, the screaming stopped. The sun was in the last stages of showing its kindness to her friends and herself. The darkness seemed to leak into every crevise of the room. Another yell, muffled, but loud was in her hearing range. It was definately a males' voice. She got up, renewed in hope, and went in search for the muffled voice.

The Muffled Voice
Chapter Four

James sat. His hands were immobile, something wet was running down his face, and his throat was sore. The strange desire to cough came about, but when he did finally do so, the cough seemed to come from someone behind a thick curtain. He looked around, and soon his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting. He was tied up in a cupboard. The chair he was on was wooden; a chair easily broken. He pushed all of his weight to go to the front of the chair. Instead of moving, his ribcages felt like caving in. He forgot that his rock solid suit was still in the car, not on him. With nothing else to think about, tired and hungry, he thought about Classic and Micheala, wondering if they were doing all right. If Classic's leg got fixed up, and wondered if they had left, left forgetting about him, since it seemed to happen often.

Instantaneously, voices came from everywhere and nowhere. He tried to fidget, used to being the one making these voices, trying to creep out his opponent. He couldn't move, no budging was even compromised with the rope. His captors were good with their rope skills. Soon, he fell silent, hoping that the lack of noise had made his captor loose intrest like the animal that they were. Instead, he about had a heart attack when Micheala started to scream so close. Not knowing what else to do, he too started to yell. Suddenly, the screams died, and James almost thought that she had gone away until a shadow appeared at his door. There was a trinkeling of chains and the door burst open.
"Ummmmm!!!!"He yelled.

Micheala looked around for the voice so firmialiar to her. Soon, she found the large cabinet where the food for all of the doctors was kept. She choked up, and almost cried out of fear as the muffled voice grew closer with every step. Her hand swung out to the cold chains kept around the door. She wimpered as she looked around for something to break open the door. She found a pair of pliers clumsily laying around, and broke the chains. They fell loudly to the ground, slithering away from the door handles like snakes from fire. Micheala breathed in through her nose, and out throug her mouth; Once, from someone very intelligent and kind, she had learned how to help Classic get through her attacks, and a way for her to calm down, should there ever be that need; Breath in your favorite type of food, the smell, tasteless arouma. Then breath out, like you're blowing out the candles on a birthday cake on the other side of the room.

Micheala firmly gripped the door handle. Then, out of nowhere her mough was covered, the her head, then her hands were bound. A door opened and she was roughly shoved onto hard cement floor, completely different from the soft floors in the hospital room.
"Ummmm!!! Ugh!" Came from nearby. A chair fell. Everything frightened Micheala. The world span, her stomach churned, and the bad was ripped off of her head. A blinding light came from a window. Birds sand as snow melted outside a barred window. Micheala looked around and saw that she was stuck on a chair in a completely mirrored room with James and another person. Dr.Ekinstien. Both did nto have the white scrubs that they had on when they were in Classic's room with her. Their clothes were rags, Dr's more than James'. Dried blood covered James' face nose down, and she guessed that they'd given him a bloody nose. Although they both looked different, in size and all, they had some things in common, as did she; they all had their hands tied behind their backs with things in their mouths on the idential chairs as well. A door opened closest to Dr.Ekinstien before they could even mutter anytihng to eachother. Four men came into the room. They were all dressed in black except for one. He was dressed as an innocent bystander.
"Well, you don't look in too good of shape do you?" He asked. He was not laughing, nor smiling, but being completely normal. Micheala shook her head, 'No', not completely understanding the question. One look at anyone of them and you'd surely see that.
"Well, would any of you like some brekfast? Here, you can't very well talk with those awful things covering your mouth. Can you?" First, he went up to Micheala and tried to unhook the fabric from her sore mouth. She pulled away with fear in her eyes. "OK, I can see why you wouldn't want me to touch your face, but you may change your mind when My Friends brings out the food." He said, knitting his eyebrows at her before unlatching Dr.E and James. Instantaneously, James started to talk.
"Who are you? Micheala, Dr, don't eat any-" One of the men in black had circled the group and was standing behind James. He was holding a shotgun as was each one of them. He raised the gun and pointed the bud at James' head, Micheala screamed out and James stopped talking when he looked at the gun. Micheala sighed and looked behind her and sure enough, there was one of the men in black.
"Snap!" The man snapped his fingers and three more people came in holding trays and stands filled with assorted food. "My name's Jerimy." He said.

Chapter Five
(Switching to First Person)

Dr.Ekinstien looked appealingly at the food.
"May I ask a question?" Dr.Ekinstien asked, as if all of the hope and knowing had been drained of him. His bones stuck akwardly out of his shirt.
"Yeah, why not?" Jerimy answered happily.
"May I have my hands untied so that I may honerable eat my food?" He asked quietly.
"Yes, you may. As a matter of fact, I'll give you two two questions so that things can be fair." Jerimy said, hinting to his men to keep on guard. I was first.
"Where's our friend that you took in to 'help'." I questioned, at first, Micheala forgot that James wasn't in charge at the moment.
"Who are you talking about? May I know her name? This answer will not count as a question." Jerimy replied somewhat cunningly, he slid down in his seat and propped his head on his hands which were on his knees. He had placed a chair infront of Micheala and not sat in her range of fire.
"No, you may not know HER name. She came with us, and soon, she'll be leaving with us and this Dr."
"How am I supposed to know who you're talking about?"
"I never told you that our friend was a girl. So-"
"Are you going on to your next question?" Jerimy his eyes playfully growing large then back to normal. "Because if you are, you should let this sweetheart go first, seeing as-" Micheala's leg shot up and knocked Jerimy off of his seat. She got the bud of the shotgun and her head hung limply. Jerimy sat, stunned for a moment.
"Your friends' got a stong leg." He seethed through a bloody mouth.
"No!Let her go you scoundril!!!" I screamed. I'd had enough.
"OK." He said. He nodded to his man in black behind Micheala's seat and he quickly untied her. She fell onto the tray with food and sat groaning. Jerimy got up and kicked her in the side.
"Ugh!" She squeaked.
"Another question? Seems like the last one asked brought someone to her knees. We've still got another 'SHE' as well, just so that you remember." Jerimy talked through bloody teeth. He spit on the cement floor and a bit of his blood sprang up onto the mirrored wall. James took note of this while trying to figure out what do do next.
"I'm going to make a deal with you." James stated. "I get her two questions and she gets and extra two questions. I think that's fair enough seeing what you did to her."
"I quote:Fair enough. What do I get in return?" Jerimy well knew what James was about to say, and his face showed it. His overly tanned features were glowing gold as he heard James' trade.
"What do you want? Why are we here? Those two don't count as my questions."
"Well, You came here out of luck, and carma. We wanted you here for, eh, tests." Jerimy looked at James' face for the slightest twitch or movment.
"Well, unlock me and the dr. and I'll see if we can reach a compromise."
"OK"Jerimy calmly relplied.

I sat leaning against the mirror, with Micheala, unconcious beside him. Jerimy sat in a chair on the other side of the room, leaving the Dr to sit crosslegged in the center of the room.
"Where's the friend of ours, that we talked of earlier, directly from my seat." James asked,
"Why would I tell you that young boy?" Jerimy cornered,
"Because we made a deal."
"OK, Right from where you're sitting? She's two rooms down the hallway in an unlocked room. It's cusioned and she's under sleeping pills. Enough yet?" Jerimy asked him.
"Is that the truth?"
"Would I tell you? Here, I'll give you one more question, since I'm having fun playing with you so much." Jerimy chuckled.
"OK. When are you going to let us out?"
"Come on boy, I'll just pretend that you didn't say that and I'll answer another question: Four doors away from your friends' room is the exit. It leads straight outside. If you can find the correct room in under five minutes, you'll be free." Jerimy answered as he got up.
"So, you just answered two questions. Here's one more, why did you do this?" James asked as he got up with Micheala waking up.
"Oh, I didn't do anything. I'm just a ghost. You were never injured. Another man put you guys in this situation. You were all under drugs. For two hours after this, your eyes will be the same color that they were whenever you were under the influence. C'Ya." He answered as he dissapeared into a mist, leaving the door open. James quickly got up and looked at the old proffesor on the floor.
"Are you real?" James questioned.
"As much as you are human." The old man, Dr. Ekinstien replied.

James rolled his eyes as Micheala woke up.
"What hapened?" She asked quizikly.
"Nothing, we have to find Cla- our FRIEND and get out of here." I grabbed her arm and they rushed into the hallway I counted the doors and found a glass covered wall that showed Classic laying down in a yellow-padded room. Iquickly broke open te lock on the door next to the glass. I tiptoed in, making sure that it was safe to enter. Classic lay, Slowely breathing. I bent down and looked around, it was a room for the crazies. I gently pushed Classic, at first, then harder and harder until finally, I picked her up and ran out into the hall.
"Start opening doors, quickly now!" I reached over and opened a cold door. Screaming and yelling echoed through it.
"YOU STAY RIGHT THERE! DON'T MOVE ALL OF YOU!!!" A man's voice screamed through the door. I picked up a nearby pole and a piece of wood, and stuck them through the door handles without even opening the doors. I tried another. Just a black food closet with a chair and worn rope all over it. I look at Micheala, who hadn't even started to open the doors, just looking at a door that read: Cafiteria.
"What are you doing! Come on!! Hurry up!!!"I yelled at her. She opened a door next to it. A black dog jumped out and started to screech and cow until it ran through the cafiteria doors. There was a popping from the other side of the door that I'd shut. It was the wood cracking and the pole bending.
"Run!!!!"I screamed to Micheala as we ran...

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