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November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

I told myself, convinced myself, that I was never sick. I made myself believe that nothing was wrong with me. What everyone else thought was a disease was what I felt was one of my best traits. It was a new way to become thin...to become the "pretty" that society wanted me to be.
It was my friends Sam and Briella who figured it out first. They asked me questions and, at first, I vehemently denied it. But soon, they got me to admit it, what they called my "flaw." Whenever I felt an urge, I'd call them on the phone. It could be anywhere from nine in the afternoon to two in the morning.
Bulemia. It sounds so scary to say it now. Especially since my latest urge almost drove me crazy. I was crying and had to lock myself out of my bathroom. But I'm better. No longer do I have disgusting break outs or stringy hair. I'm finally getting comfortable in my skin.
I never would have done it without Sam and Briella by my side. If they were not there for me, would I have been able to realize my potential in time, before I was thrown in some hospital somewhere. Maybe, maybe I would have ended up worse, sick...dead? These girls are not only my heroes, but they are my guardian angels.

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