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Finding Inspiration

December 14, 2007
By Anonymous

"There is no hope in finding hope, because hope itself is a hopeless goal"

Tears come from my eyes,
As deep inside myself i start to cry,
World around me's chaned
And I look to see lifes dissaranged.

I'd give it all away,
To give you the goodbye I want to say,
Cause my times running out,
How much I'm missin you its all about...

You been my sa-ving grace,
Where I'm at peace you found a place,
But now I'm all alone,
Without your here my life is thrown,

Cause Can't you see?
Your influence is who I want to be,
Cause you saved my life
And kept my heart from but a knife.

"You understood and helped to the end,
the lesson taught were not in vain,
Because of you I'll have a message to send,
A godly love never to be slain."

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