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Heroes, they are all around us.

September 13, 2009
By Darkstar6265 GOLD, Centennial, Colorado
Darkstar6265 GOLD, Centennial, Colorado
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Everything you have will someday be gone. Even if you don’t miss it now, you probably will later. So take pictures and hide them in your memories so you can recall them later after everything that is becomes everything that was. OR I know you’re hurting, even if it’s just when you’re alone and thoughts seem to rush into your head and you can’t seem to keep them from coming in. But there can be beauty in pain; Even though sometimes it’s hard to see.

Heroes are made, they seldom come around, but when they do they often go unnoticed. Except to the ones in which they’ve impacted. And with this in mind, they probably walk by us every day. Help us out, wish us luck, and all we do is say thank you and move on with our day. Or even worse, say nothing at all. But they’re better than us. Not that they would admit it, for they are humble and rarely take the credit. They see the world as it truly is, a place filled with opportunity, hope, and dreams. They rise above bad times, and reach for the sky. And while doing so they hope that their optimism spreads to those around them. So that they too can finally open their eyes, and start truly living, as God would have wanted us to from the very beginning.

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mcelronej said...
on Oct. 15 2009 at 6:20 pm
I comepletly agree with your article of a hero. I liked how you said heroes are made, and how they often do the task at hand reaching for the sky. When you say this i think that you should go in some more detail though, maybe tell how they reach for the sky every time and nothing else. You can also expand on how they encourage their team mates, and what they do to them, their effect on them. Your definition of a heroe is comepletly accurate in my mind. Heroes to me want nothing more than to try their hardest every time they go out to do something, and accell to make themself better and their teammates. You say this in the way of how heroes go by usually unnoticed. Only affecting those who were playing with them or even against. You really inspired me with what a true hero is and how to achive it.