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Who Could Ever Imagine

July 8, 2008
By Anonymous

Who could ever imagine a father beating his child? Or a mother who did not care?
That pore child of theirs whose life is at risk. The scares on his face, the ones that cant be erased. A life threatening situation where no one can help. A brother and a sister trying to live.

When dad comes home they know what will happen. The beating will begin for one child then the time will come for the next but one takes both of them. He takes it for his sister, knowing that his life is at risk. He loves his sister very much.

While the beating continues his life almost comes to an end. He knows that what he did for his sister was a good thing. But when it all get to bad for them when no one tries to stop there dad. Not even their own mother. The time has come for them to put an end to this beating , a life threatening situation. A social worker is called without the parents knowing and both kids are put for adoption. And the parents are jail.
The kids live away from each other but they see each other every weekend. Their relationship with each other as a brother and sister is a relationship that could never be replaced with by anything.

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