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Educator Of The Year

May 29, 2019
By rubisevilla13 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
rubisevilla13 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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I'm nominating my teacher from middle school for this contest, Ms. Florian. I am nominating her because she is my favorite teacher and coach. She helps her students set goals and truly wants to see us succeed. She did everything in her power to help us be the best we could be. Her class was fun and interesting, and she gave us a chance to express ourselves through our assignments that actually made middle school English my favorite class.

I went to Aspira Academy from second to eighth grade. I knew these teachers very well because most of them had been there since the beginning when the school opened.  When I found out I had Ms. Florian, a new teacher that I had never met, I was excited. There was something different about Ms. Florian's class from the beginning. Her class became my favorite class, and she was my favorite teacher because she made everything fun. In addition, she wanted to see us all succeed and helped us reach our goals.

Ms. Florian was also my volleyball coach at Aspira. I was a setter in seventh grade, and she helped push me to become a better athlete every time we practiced. Sometimes I would even stay after practice to work on my sets, and she would stay as well to help me. In eighth grade I played as a defensive specialist, and she helped me with that too as best as she could. She also made me team captain that year because she noticed that I had leadership skills.

Ms. Florian helped us as much as she could in her class as well. For example, last year she added an extra unit to help us understand grammar more because we needed help with it. Almost all of us had been in the same school since it opened, and we never really had a good understanding of grammar and sentence structure since it wasn’t  a focus of our ELA curriculum. Ms. Florian simplified the grammar lessons and helped us understand it so much better. I don’t know how I would have succeeded in ninth grade English if it wasn’t for her help. This is a good example of how Ms. Florian did everything she could to make sure we were prepared for high school.

In conclusion, Ms. Florian was my favorite teacher. She wanted to see me and my peers succeed and set goals and accomplish them in school and on the volleyball court. She made everything interesting and fun. She let us express ourselves in her class, and she was always trying to help us as best as she could. Now that I am in high school looking back, I appreciate it more than I thought I would. This is why I’m nominating her.

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