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Actor Tucker Albrizzi

May 25, 2012
By TheJust ELITE, Ellenton, Florida
TheJust ELITE, Ellenton, Florida
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Tucker Albrizzi has been seen on many popular Disney and Nickelodeon series. He has played Tyler on Big Time Rush, Jake on Good Luck Charlie and can be seen guest starring on several shows soon. He has also appeared in two Buddies movies and plays Neil in the film, Paranorman.

I was recently given the opportunity to interview Tucker for Teen Ink. We spoke about these projects, his work with and fun behind-the-scenes stories!

Rachel – Tell us about yourself.

Tucker Albrizzi – I'm twelve years old. I love pizza and playing video games.

RH – How did you first become interested in acting?

TA – Well, first I was sitting at home, watching TV and it just occurred to me, like, I wonder what it would be to do what they do. So I told my mom I wanted to try that out. We submitted my head-shot everywhere. One agency took us and I think I got my first commercial on my first audition.

RH – That's pretty cool! What's the funniest thing that's ever happened behind the scenes on Big Time Rush?

TA – Well, on the first episode, I was hiding in a trash can and I heard my cue. I popped up and I said my line. I felt like I was leaning backwards for some reason. So I looked down and I [was] tilting backwards. I fell over in the trash can, right on my head. [No one] knew what to do! {laughs}

RH – Are you excited for the new episodes of Big Time Rush?

TA – I'm really excited about the new episodes. I can't wait for [them]!

RH – What's going to happen with Jake on new episodes of Good Luck Charlie?

TA – Well, I'm going to be on the one-hour episode where the new baby is born. Me and Gabe are gonna get into a lot of trouble and some fun!

RH – What is the biggest difference between live-acting and voice-acting?

TA – The big difference [with voice-overs] is you still have to up your energy, but you don't have to worry that much about facial expressions. On live-action, you have to be sure your facial expressions are right and it's not bad or anything. But on voice-overs, you just have to have energy and just be good at it.

RH – Which do you like better?

TA – I kinda like voice-acting better because I just have to sit in a chair and I don't have to do much.

RH – How does your character fit in to the Paranorman storyline?

TA – In Paranorman, I play Neil, Norman's best friend. He's really enthusiastic and energized. Norman doesn't have [many] friends at all. Everybody picks on him. I see Norman and I think he's cool! So I go up to him. He doesn't want me to be his friend 'cause he thinks I'm going to be rude to him. But I really want to be his friend and we start off a great friendship.

RH – How do you think fans will react to the film when they see it?

TA – If the people who see it were fans of Coraline—'cause that's the directors that made it—they're gonna really love it! It's the same kind of spooky, but cool, concept that they have, and it's bringing in some humor to it as well.

RH – So what is it about for those who don't know?

TA – It follows Norman who is a kid that is not normal because he can see and talk to ghosts. He goes on this whole adventure and I'm there as his best friend.

RH – Do you like ghost stories?

TA – I do love ghost stories, but I don't know any good ones. [Paranorman] is the most excellent one I've ever heard!

RH – Tell us about how you and Noah Cyrus have helped out with DoSomething.

TA – DoSomething is an organization that goes and they help people inspire kids to take action. Recently, me and Noah just started doing the series and we hope to make a lot more [videos]. Actually, me and Maddie De La Garza, Demi Lovato's little sister, are planning to do some videos, [too].

RH – What are you helping to inspire kids to do?

TA - What I really love to do to help is help animals because I really love animals. I like to help them anyway I can! I love going to shelters to help them. You can find a local shelter and bring blankets because in the winter, if it's over-crowded, some of the dogs and animals have to sleep out on the sidewalk with no blankets or nothing.

RH – What has been your favorite experience as a guest-star so far?

TA – I love doing guest-star roles. They're kind of fun to go from the really enthusiastic ones to the kind of mean ones, and to just, like, meet all the different casts and [see] how you can act with them.

[On Lab Rats and Zeke and Luther,] I play kind of the friend of the main person, as a sidekick basically. On Zeke and Luther, I am one of their friends at Ramps, and on Lab Rats, I am a friend at the kids' school.

RH – Will this be a recurring role?

TA – On Lab Rats, it's a one time role, but I'm hoping for more.

RH – The newest Buddies movie, Treasure Buddies, just came out; what is that about?

TA – Treasure Buddies is about the five Buddies that you all know. They go on this great adventure to Egypt for Cleocatra's tomb.

RH – Who do you play?

TA – In Spooky Buddies, I played the owner of Budderball, but in Treasure Buddies, I play the voice of Budderball.

RH – Oh, so you're switching roles there!

TA – Yeah. {laughs} It's kind of opposite!

RH – Someone already played Budderball, now you're playing Budderball; what's that like?

TA – It's kind of really cool! I played the owner and I really fell in love with Budderball when I first saw him. So it's really cool to know that I'm gonna be the voice that comes out of that cute puppy!

RH – Okay, my last question for you is what advice do you have for aspiring actors?

TA – Just never give up. If you don't get a role, don't be glum about it forever. Just think, I wasn't right for that. Get up, back on your feet, and keep trying.

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