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The Argument

January 10, 2008
By Anonymous

I have had so many bad embarrassments, I’ve lost count. All of them were so terrible I can’t really pick the one that has exalted me to, in my friend’s eyes, the prestigious honor of dumbest, stupidest, queerest, biggest laughing stock of the school. But this one experience was particularly nasty. In fact when you get into an argument with your teacher, you simply can’t live it down.

It was Friday, and our current event speeches were due in social studies class. I had no problem with it; public speaking didn’t bother me at all… until I got just a little too comfortable. My teacher applauded my presentation and followed with a sermon of her own views to contradict my presentation. I was astounded. A teacher shouldn’t make his or her views so apparent in an attempt to influence her students. I couldn’t hold in my rage; I had to defend myself. However, retaliating nearly got me expelled.

Following our heated exchange of views, I had a little chat with our principal. You can imagine how frustrated I was about being punished for standing up for myself, but after a thirty-minute lecture I was free. I will always be known at my old school as “the rebel” for this defiant (and stupid) episode.

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