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   Chevy Chase by C. C., Bedford, NY

Chevy Chase is my father. He was born inNew York and spent his childhood in New York City, Woodstock and East Hampton. Heloves music and many other forms of creative expression. I am very close to myfather and I think he has had a very interesting life.

Was youraim in life to become an actor?

No, I really wanted to be a doctor. I waspre-med in college.

What other jobs have you had besides acting?

Oh boy, I was a writer, a rock drummer, a jazz drummer, a pianist, atruck, cab and motorcycle driver, a construction worker, a fruit picker, a waiterand bus boy, the head of produce in a supermarket, an audio engineer, a salesmanin a wine store and a theater usher.

What was your favorite movieto act in?

Definitely "The Three Amigos" because some of my best friendswere in it.      

What advice would yougive kids my age?

To write and play music. To be creative and have asense of humor.

What advice do you and your wife give to your own children(us)?

Keep an open mind and have your own opinion. Leave your room dirtyso you can't find anything and always have a sense of humor.

Whatadvice did your parents give you?

To have summer jobs as soon as possiblebecause they give one a sense of self-sufficiency.

What do youlike to do in your spare time?

Play the piano; I like to play jazz piano.Watch TV, read and spend time with my family.

What sports do youlike?

I like to ski, play tennis, soccer, swim, play ping pong andpool.

What do you like and dislike about being wellknown?

I like it when people enjoy my work. I dislike the lack ofprivacy.

Who do you look up to?

I look up to my wife andkids - and the President. (He said the word "President" in a jokingmanner.)

What is a funny and embarrassing moment that happened toyou?

The time I spit tuna fish out of my nose in front of my date's motherwhen I was 15.

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