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Anger Is a Gift

July 8, 2018
By peacelife571 GOLD, Faisalabad, Other
peacelife571 GOLD, Faisalabad, Other
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I am a normal teen like others but i may be a little too short-tempered. Whenever small big negative positive changes always irritated me .i was an innovate and I there was just a one way that i expressed my emotions and it was anger.
i used to write that was the only way that i escaped from evils or problems of world so i used to write articles but they weren't to famous on website there was something missing.

Anyways after a passage of time i started noticing that slowly I'm going far away from people around me and not only bad but also good ones. i always thought that by being angry and an innovate type of person I'm away from all negative people and thoughts but one thing that i realized later was that i was also missing all the love around me.
on one certain day like always i was sitting underneath a tree in my backyard writing that my sister came to me and ask me to join the family on lunch i just refused and i was so into what i was writing but she keeps coming to ask me to join them that i finally got exceptionally angry got inside and start breaking everything on my shelf i was overreacting while i was breaking things i  saw a picture of me with my family on the floor. I was shocked i felt something that i never felt before i don't know what it was but it was something magical.

It was a picture of me with my family on astonishing mountains of Islamabad it was day i enjoyed a lot that day when that picture fell on the floor i realized that after that day i never get to enjoy that much maybe that's because of me my attitude my anger.
i got up clean the mess and decided to change myself to control my anger.

i decided but didn't realized that being able to act on it will be total challenge.

i still got angry on little things i thought that there was no one out i was stuck between though roads of life i stop my writing and was extremely depressed.
i  can't take it out but couldn't even control was my anger that was killing me.

Then on an stunning morning i got up and decided that i would just be now more close to ALLAH the eternal who made me gave me my anger  and HE is the one who will solve my problems.

one day praying i heard a line from T.V saying :
then something just hit my mind saying that what is my gift?!
after that i started using my anger in my writing use all that energy into writing and results were quite assuming people started loving my articles after that.
my anger stopped my to start again my anger kill me to rise again my anger motivated me my anger was my obstacle my anger was my GIFT.

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