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Mother - Marty T. MAG

By Anonymous

   Dear Mom,

I cannot even begin to explain how much you mean to me. You havealways been there, supporting me in whatever I do. In my eyes, you are thegreatest mother. Sometimes, I do not realize what you have to do and take careof. A lot of what I would like to do are not half as important as what you haveto do.

I remember sitting in the car with you in my pre-school parkinglot. It was one of my last days there, and you told me how fast I was growing up,and how much you would miss me when I went to school every day. As you spoke,tears welled up in your eyes. This meant nothing to me then, but as I look backnow, I realize I feel the same way. Now I struggle to hold the tearsback.

I wish I could stay a child and know that when I come home from ahard day you will always be there to greet me with a smile and good advice.

You are an unbelievable wife and mother, and I hope I can be half as goodas you when I raise my own family.

There are so many times I know I do notshow how much I care about you. I might say that something you say or do isweird, but later I realize I was wrong. I just want you to know that no matterwhat, you will always be my mother and my hero.

Love always, Alison

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i love this so much!