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The Meaning of Life

January 21, 2013
By hollowfirefly PLATINUM, Tampa, Florida
hollowfirefly PLATINUM, Tampa, Florida
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As much as we want an ice cream cone or to go see the new movie in the cinema downtown, what all of us really want to know is why we are here. Not why we are here in the ice cream shop or why we are sitting on a cushy chair in the theater but why we are even allowed to be able to do all these things. I can’t answer to HOW we got here, but what I can do is put in my two-sense of WHY we are here.

We all sit and wonder about that new car or the new TV we want. We sit at our computers and fiddle away at our video games or keyboards, possibly coding or writing what may end up to be one of the greatest things in modern culture. Why are we doing it though? Because we love it. Because we like it. Because it is the only thing worth living for. What is important to live for? Some would say, love, hope, prosperity, money, or some would frown and say nothing. Well I disagree with those that say nothing because they IS something. We can live for our dog, our family, our boyfriend, our wife, etc. But most importantly we can live for our imagination. Without imagination there IS nothing. We cannot enjoy or strive or concur or compose anything without imagination. Yes, knowledge can get you into college and may even get you a great job, with great pay, but how do you do anything else without imagination? How do you go home and find a hobby when you cannot think of anything to do, when you cannot think of anyone to write, or when you can write someone, you cannot think of anything to say?

I believe that love and life is what makes us human. We cannot want to stay alive without love and without life there is no love. Love is the greatest force, because even in death there is love. Love carries on no matter what force pushes to break the barriers of love down. The barriers of love will start to weaken but will regain strength when finally, death and hate believes that it has won. But love is an illusionist able to portray a vague and indistinct picture of sorrow but inside that love still powers on and is fighting against death and hate so hard, that soon you are able to move on and let the love take over. I believe in the magical being called Love and I believe in the evil spirit of Hate and just like the Avett Brothers portray in the Ballad of Love and Hate, love and hate can get along even though it seems Hate cannot stand to deal with Love.

Imagination can be wonderful as well as the most cruel thing the world could allow. Worse than drugs or alcohol. But it can be better than you seeing your first child, your wedding day, or the day you just seem to barely escape the clasp of death. It can give you the worst nightmares and make you believe that there is something under the bed but it can help you write the world’s greatest novel. Imagination running wild is the greatest thing a human being can have. It also defines if we are a human being as well as love and life.

So if there is life in this meaning then there is love and imagination in it as well. So, go listen to your favorite album or maybe you should go watch your favorite movie. But whatever you do next, remember that there is meaning in this life you live.

The author's comments:
This is really bad but I believe that imagination and love are what the meaning of life is.

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