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January 12, 2008
By Anonymous

People always ask you "What Matters". Some of us don't know how to answer that. There are so many things that matter to people, but we're afraid to tell our true feelings. We are all afraid that if we do state them, we will be laughed at, made fun of,or have our ideas be called stupid. I'm not afraid. What matters to me may also matter to alot of people. Family. That's one thing that does matter. Whether you hate them or love them they still matter. You have to care to hate. Friends matter. I bet if you asked 100 teens there would be some that say they dont have any. That hurts beyond anything. Kids commit suicide because they feel that they aren't accepted. It all has to do with friends and family. There's a million other things that matter. The climate that continues to shake the earth with its scary possiblities. War. How we all want it to go away. Money. I doubt anyone could name someone that says money doesn't matter. This world revolves around money. When there is so much that matters to people its hard to determine whats right and wrong. Say your kid murdered someone. You still love them because they are yours, they are part of you. But some people may not see it that way because they were on the other side of it. It was their son or daughter that your child killed. They dont think about how you feel or how your child felt. All that matters is that they're gone. So we all have different things that matter to us. We are all different. The truth is though, We are all in this together whether we like it or not. We are all populating this world and we are all contributing to it. No one can just be friends with everyone. Cause what matters to us, may not matter to them. I will be on anyone's side, everyone deserves a second chance sometimes even a third. Dont give up on each other. Because IT MATTERS. It ALL MATTERS. Think About It.

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