April 24, 2008
By Anonymous

Everybody is always talking about making a difference in the world and trying to make it a better place. I am one of those people. You know one of those activists that many people don't really want to argue with about certain subjects such as drinking and driving. Many people would like to say that it is their own choice if they want to drink or not but should it be their choice if they should drive while they have been under the influence??? I think not.
Today at our school we had a speaker come in to talk to us about drinking and driving and to share how it has affected her life in a dramatic way. On top of everything she was already going through at the time, her seven-year-old daughter was killed in a motorcycle accident and her husband was seriously injured. This happened because the person that was driving the other vehicle, a semi, was drunk. Reneas' story was very touching and I think that if she got to tell her story to the whole world it would make such a strong and good impact. If you want to hear her story then you could visit her website at: She is one of the too few people that are making a difference in this world today, even if it is just one school at a time.
The question, and the point, of this is...HOW CAN YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Every person counts and when you die people are going to remember your life and how you lived it so why not live it positively and be a good role model for those younger then us, because weather we like it or not we are the new generation and we are affecting and influencing the world around us each and every day; even if you don't notice it. So hey, maybe it can be something like donating old clothes to a homeless shelter or having a baby bottle fundraiser for under-privileged mothers. Anything can help you just need to put yourself out their and keep on trying. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
That is one thing that is soo wrong about our society, though. We want everything to be handed to us and we expect everybody else to do the work. If every person did one thing to help our world everyday, like recycling, it could really impact and help our environment for the better.
Right now when you look at the world as a whole, what do you see.... exactly. You could probably find more war and negative things then you can positive. You see what I mean, things aren’t exactly quite like the fairy tales we used to love when we were kids. The rough truth is that things are actually falling apart and crumbling right before our eyes. We all have a voice; we just need to let that voice be heard no matter how big or small the way. You NEED to make a difference. If not for you but for your future and all the following generations. FOR THE WORLD!
Our generation needs to stop waiting for everything to be done only when we are told to do it or when it is done for us. We should be off of our butts away from the computer or the T.V. and outside doing something good for our society, our generation.
Like I said before every life counts and when you die people are going to remember how you lived, not how or where you died. We all leave this earth leaving a dash behind, how big or how the dash is shaped depends on how we live our lives right now. I will leave you with what renea left my school with this mourning:
Do your very best
Always forgive
Speak and live the truth
Have a plan!
And remember...
Why not start right now...

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