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What is life about?

October 20, 2007
By Anonymous

What is life about? What is the purpose? Why is life difficult? Those are just a few examples of teenagers like myself, friends and so many others asked everyday. The truth for me is, I probably wont be able to answer all of them or find out, not at this age, but it doesn't mean life is unimportant to any of us teenagers because I think its the most important thing.

I am not even going to try and compare life to anything though, because it can be compared to anything and mean everything and everyone's life is different. All our lives are unique even when it seems like they are nothing special. Life is life, and what I have learned is you should enjoy it to the fullest through positive things. I always hear about how someone struggles with going through life, and yes it can be hard at times. But one thing I believe is, you should never say you hate life because being teenagers most of us have only gotten such small piece out of our life when the possibilities and opportunities can be endless.

Everyday in my life, it’s never the same. I go to school every day of the week, but that does not mean it is like a broken record always repeating. In any school like mine and schools all over you see friends laughing until they have tears streaming down their face, having a blast. Some who focus on studying for tests or quizzes, or their future, reading or writing. There are others who chat and talk about various things in groups about what’s on their mind or what they are doing.Though there are others who you can instantly tell they don't have it easy. Some teenagers make accomplishments and do some amazing things with their life. Some teenagers may be rich some may be poor, some may be always depressed and some happy. The different things they have done, either negative or positive but we are all different. Everyone’s story is different, we are all teenagers in school but out in the world we are what we choose our life to be and all our lives are different. Some us may look the same by apperance or how we act, but life is something we may all have and but be something we each live differently.

Sometimes I think life is greatly underestimated in the eyes of some teens and adults. As much fun life has, and the amazing opportunities and things we can do with our lives, there are people and parts to life where all teens struggle. 8,000 teens contract an STD every day, 1 in 4 of us us use illegal drugs ,1 million of us are pregnant, 340,000 of us have had abortions, 1 in 10 of us has been raped, 1/2 of us are no longer virgins, 40% of us have inflicted self injury, 1 in 5 of us have thought of suicide and about over 1,500 of us kill ourselves each year. That is some of the pieces to just a teenagers life but you may never hear about, some of it is hidden and some of it we can not hide. Our lives as teenagers are precious, unique and can be molded into whatever we choose, and yet a great deal of us get influenced and controlled by various forces and people like the media for example because they know about how easy it is to mold us into what they want. I see and hear about people who succeed and accomplish the most amazing things but I also do about ones who struggle with personal parts of their life, when a close family member leaves this earth, when we hear about a friend or loved one who has been locked up in jail or arrested, how some of us struggle to have food on our plates when we get home, when we feel unloved or forgotten, being pressured into things we don't want to be or be a part of.

For me, I enjoy life as much as I can. I do not like to be told how to live my life as in what to wear, act or behave because it is my life, and I should always be the pilot in control. I have dreams and goals that I want to pursue and achieve. There are parts to my life where it seems like I am walking down a dark alleyway and the road ahead seems tough but I never give up. My life is the most important thing and I believe it matters, because what we do with our life and what are lives are influence others and influence and make the future. In my life, I always like to help my friends when they are the ones facing a tough part to their life and I know from it all that life has possibilities, struggles, ups and downs and rewards. You can see the people who lives show accomplishments, but not everything they show is their whole life, because some lives are hidden or made to be something they really are not and when you really think about it life is so complicated; there are some who hate life and the ones who do not. The reasons and why could be anything and it could all be because of what they think matters. What we think matters applies to all our lives, but sometimes you may not see it.What matters, well that is up for us to decide and choose and do. What matters for me? Well for myself, my family, friends and the choices I make every day matter. If I could say what matters of all of us I would, but that is virtually impossible because we all have different ideas and beliefs on what matters, its who we are and the way we think and live. So what matters to us, why don’t we all ask ourselves that now because this question is just us for us to decide and see what to do with our lives and what truly matters.

Jesee Collins
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