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The City of the Killer Cops

January 3, 2018
By SianniG BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
SianniG BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Dear Philadelphia Police Department,


There has been a RIDICULOUS amount of cold blooded murder against my innocent African American People and it is getting out of hand. I'm writing this letter because many white cops are using their power in law enforcement for the wrong reasons. Aren’t they supposed to serve and protect? Aren't they supposed to be there in your time of need? Yet they are brutally handling people, taking innocent lives, and getting away with it as if nothing happened. That’s not what they are supposed to represent. This cruelty needs to stop immediately. We deserve a change. Their horrific decisions are causing a worldwide catastrophe and is causing our community and families to divide and fall apart little by little. Speaking of family, imagine the heartache and grief of EACH and EVERY family of those innocent people who got killed. They didn't even get to say their goodbyes , They didn't get to hold them close one last time , and they didn't get to hear them say “I Love You” again , because in all reality they would have never thought that their loved ones weren't going to make it back to them. This has to stop now or our world will never be at peace.

Over 900 African American people were fatally shot by police officers over this year alone. Some of those people who were lucky enough to get recognition are Sandra Bland, Philando Castile, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Freddy Gray, and David Jones. That number should not be that high and police should not see us as targets because of the color of our skin. Being African American is hard. You always have a challenge and assumptions against you because of the harsh society we have. All because you look a little different and people fear that. I know how it feels and I can relate to this because I am African American and I face some of these challenges myself. Like for example we get stopped and frisked if we look “suspicious” all because we’re black. When we walk past or stand near someone they feel the need to lock their car doors or firmly grasp onto their possessions as if we are going to rob them or harm them, or when they see us they automatically think of a criminal. The discrimination against us is unbelievable and this is an equality issue that also must be addressed. So with everything against us we don't need the extra harassment and killings of the police. We are put through enough just being the people we are.

We cannot keep letting these prejudiced cops kill our innocent people of color. When will justice be served? Why isn’t every cop that has killed an innocent unarmed african american person behind bars? You need to use them as an example that racism will not be tolerated and every person will be treated with the equitable care they deserve. This would be beneficial to the community because this would be the start of serving justice. We cannot keep addressing situations like this with sympathy but only now will the actions of injustice drive us to a violent urge of empathy. If there is no justice then there will be no peace. Although some people may feel that police brutality isn't important and “those people” got what they deserved I highly disagree and they are wrong because the actions that were taken have damaged us and our communities all is some way, shape, or form whether you believe it or not.

Think about the damage that has been done. Think of all the innocent lives taken. Think of all the families heartbroken. Think of all the dangerous and racist cops we still have on our streets due to the social injustice.They took someone else's life so their lives deserve to be taken from them too. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and should not be shown  sympathy. They didn't show any sympathy for any of those people that were killed and that isn't right. Take action and contribute to justice. For our future, community, and peace  lays in your hands.

The last thing I want you to think about right now after reading this is what if that were you brutally murdered for being a particular race or even worse, what if that was a family member of yours? How would you feel? Maybe terrified? Devastated? Desolate? Or maybe even numb?......BLACK LIVES MATTER. Now don't you think so too?


Sianni G.

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