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Take Action

January 26, 2008
By Anonymous

In a not very diversed school, people can face prejudice, but not entirely. I come to understand that these students bring prejudice around them by thinking that what had happened in the past can happen again and still manage to think that they are more superior to than other race. They use excuses and supposely act innocence so that they can be mistakenly taken to the "principle's office" and use that as being discrimninating against. Some kids try to involve in activities but the conversations between other kids makes these decisions hard to make. Based on their thoughts about prejudice forms this negative aura when ever they are sitting next to each other and when in the same room with each other. Most of this is determined by the students' pride. Too much pride turns out to be an effect on how much they have respect for an one another country. All I'm saying is that prejudice is found among us but it's our pride thats effecting it. Just because people possess lots of honor for their country does not make it right for them to think of another country or anybody as an inferior. The students' attitude make others feel like it's a crime to be who they are and can never have a say in things. I'm kind of part in the ones that have no say in things and all that can be done is ignoring all the statements or anything that becomes uncomfortable and take action. Just TAKE ACTION without any violence and without any hatred. Because what you do only affects you and may be beneficial to you. Please do not let anyone put you down.

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