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Today vs. Yesterday

February 24, 2009
By alex portera BRONZE, Great River, New York
alex portera BRONZE, Great River, New York
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The last two generations tend to think my generation is more irresponsible, non-intelligent, and more aggressive. Contrary to that belief our generation is facing many more adversity then the past two. Our generation has much to offer besides just sitting around eating, playing video games, sleeping, hanging out or saying give me, give me, give me. They seem to think we are selfish and lack empathy. I've often heard saying from the older generation such things as 'It wasn't like that when I was young.' And 'What's the matter with kids today?' It appears that the older generation tends to think that every kid is that same and has the same attitude, but we don't. Just because some kids do drugs, do not pay attention in school, and just play video games doesn't mean all of us are like that. The generations above us just think that we are greedy, selfish, lacking important values and aren't as smart or as hard-working as they are.

As a Teenager in today's generation we have faced a lot more pressure to do better in everything we do. We have had a lot more challenges including having to be very tech savvy and to process information at lightning speed. Generations before mine complain about how much we play video games, but yet they made them. If that didn't want us to use it then why invent it for us to be used? Playing so many video games will probably come in handy in the future as it could help us do high tech micro surgeries, control machines on other planets and much more. So before making comments about how my generation is acting, just take a second and think to yourself'. Is it fair to us to be so critical. Remember that each generation faces their own unique problems.

The older generation has also left us with many big problems and they want us to find the answer to the problems they made! Such as global warming and finding new energy sources. Our generation is now required to figure a solution to all the problems that the two generations before us have left us with. We need to figure out how to fix that economy problem, global warming, and find a new energy source, to mention only a few. Once we do will they still be saying 'What is the matter with kids today?''... ''''''''''''''''''.Will they?

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