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My Block Poem

May 8, 2008
By Anonymous

I’m an African-American female. I’m seventeen years old. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m a senior at an all girls, Catholic high school. I was originally born in Los Angeles, California.”That’s cool”.  I am the baby girl in my middle-class family. My favorite color is blue. I make good grades in school. I’m involved in various service activities because it’s required by my school. I’m going to college in the fall because I want to do something with my life.  I’m going to major in psychology. Graduate and go on to get my doctorate in clinical psychology. “That’s cool”. I work at Chick-Fil-A. Its fun, but I just work for the paychecks.  I have a lot of friends. Love them all, even though I don’t say it often. I work out constantly so I can keep my curves in shape. I eat healthy, so I can fell healthy. “That’s cool”. I’m not the girlie-girl type.  I rather play basketball or flag football than shop. I’d rather watch the NBA Playoffs or the Super Bowl than America’s Next Top Model. ‘”That’s cool”. I love going to church.  God is the head of my life and always will be. He continues to bless me even when I don’t deserve it. “That’s cool”. Boys are cool. But they aren’t my priority at this age. I get along with the opposite sex, but I’m not on no stupid stuff. They got to step correct. “That’s cool”.  I’m a strong, independent young lady who is extremely focused on her goals. I will achieve them with support from my family and the Man upstairs

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